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From yesterday's ASUG webcastWorld Premiere Design Studio 1.5 Part 2 - ASUG Webcast we had over 70+ questions in the queue.  Open questions have been sent to SAP.

Listed below are some of the questions & answers:

Q: What is the SP level (patch) level dependency for SAP BW, Both Netweaver and BO PLATFORMS?

A: That will be available on the PAM at time of release -

Q: What about combination of sources like HANA + BW, BW + UNX?

A: Multi-source universes are not yet supported

Q: When will DS 1.5 be GA?

A: Planned for later this month, subject to change based on SAP KPI's

Q: Will there be any tool to convert BEx web to Design Studio?

Q: What will be future of BEx Reports and Portal? We are in process of migrating our system and decide on future reporting tools.

A: See Future Plans slide

Source: SAP

Q: Any plans to introduce data connectivity to excel/flat files and Databases like that exist in Lumira?

A: That is available today using the data source SDK - go to

Q: We find that it takes longer to develop dashboards in design studio due to scripting requirements for even basic tasks. What's done to address this issue?

A: See what is coming in 1.5 for self-service scenarios and templates

Q: It seems like a confusing strategy to have platform builds for BI and HANA. Should we somehow plan for BI 4 to be deprecated in favor of HANA?

A: BI4 is the most feature-rich for Design Studio including Mobile BI - per SAP at SAPPHIRENOW

Q: Is Design Studio available as trial version?

A: No it is not today

Q: We are on BW on HANA. Should we be moving to building Design Studio apps on generated HANA models to BEX?

A: In this case, the BEx Query is your best data source for Design Studio today - it is judgment call for you

Q: Are GeoMaps included or do we need to purchase Esri as an after-market add-on

Q: Built in geospatial analysis or should we use external supplier plugin (e.g. Esri)?

Q: can the map background be obtained from Google.maps?

A: No, open URL; any base map provider that has a web URL is supported

Q: Do GEO Maps work with .unx data sources?

A: If data is there yes - limitation is not be able to deployed on the HANA Platform

Q: Can we schedule an analytical app to a shared folder/email?

A: Not yet - see future directions

Q: What is the custom GeoJSON file?

A: Go to

Q: Is it possible in this version to display conditional formatting or alerts by using directly UNX or HANA

A: There is some "easy conditional formatting" available today on those data sources

Q: Is there any new features regarding Online Composition?

A: From ASUG Annual Conference - Online Composition Enhancements Support for sharing of smart objects between users. New Bookmark Folder concept allows for further granular categorization of Smart objects

Q: does the bookmarking of design studio require BOXI deployment?

A: No

Q: Is the Lumira flavored template available as part of 1.5?

A: Yes

Updated May 27 - open questions with answers now from SAP:

Q: Will DS applications based on HANA native support merging variables in the variable container? (as supported by BW on HANA)

Not with release 1.5. This requirement is already on our product backlog, though at this time stage, we don’t know yet when we are going to deliver this feature.

Q: What is the Max number of datasources that can be executed in parallel

No hard limit here. But there is a configurable maximum number of threads (each additional group requires a thread for processing) shared by all users on one server (Java VM, each BI Platform APS is a Java VM). This defines how many parallel operations can be done at a time on the server. The default is set to 500 (when running on BI Platform).

Q: Will the ability to merge variables on the HANA platform be available in the near future?

Not with release 1.5. This requirement is already on our product backlog, though at this time stage, we don’t know yet when we are going to deliver this feature.

Q: Is there a feature to include between, >=, <= in conditional formatting?

Design Studio supports the exceptions are defined in the backend (BW). You can activate or de-activate the exceptions in design studio runtime per scripting

Q: Can we use the exported Lumira file in Predictive Analytics too?

Should be able to use

Q: Will hierarchies in DS applications based on HANA have same functionality as BW on HANA? i.e. in prompt screen will variables be supported?

Yes, we support the hana hierarchies and variables as BW on HANA in BIP deployment. With HANA native deployment we do have some limitations. We will publish the Limitations as OSS note soon for design studio release 1.5.

Q: Can you have multiple BW data sources on the HANA platform (not the BI platform)?

No, You can only use one HANA system if you want to deploy your design studio applications on HANA Platform

Q: how is the performance on BIP compared to Netweaver with Design studio apps

If you are talking release 1.4, then the performance should not be big difference between NW and BIP.

With release 1.5 we support query parallelization on BIP platform, so if you leverage the parallel processing on BIP, then the performance on BIP could be better than NetWeaver.

Q: Is there a standard way to deploy HANA native DS applications on Fiori?

Yes, there is a standard way to do so. There is also possible to publish Design Studio applications that are deployed on BI Platform in Fiori Launchpad with some configuration effort.

Q: Is this bullet chart going to be natively available in DS 1.5?

Not yet clear whether this will be included in 1.6 planning.

Q: was that jump from DS to AOLAP based on the same query using RRI or OpenDoc?

If you mean the jump to Analysis OLAP, then it can be achieved with open doc link. with RRI (transaction in BW) we don’t support Analysis OLAP and Design Studio as jump to target.

Q: I want to see my SLAs on design studio dashboard but the conditional operator is not like what we have in BEx? is it going to change?

What do you mean here with the conditional operator?

Q: With 1.5, when publishing to the BI platform, does a separate folder still get created for referenced image files?

Yes, you need to create a folder for your images on BI Platform.

Q: Can we only use 0Latitude & 0Longitude?

If you want to displaythe information as pointer on the map, you need to have Long And LAT in the data source. If you want to display the KPI as shape or bubble chart, then Long and Lat is not necessary.

Q: Do Latitude and Longitude have to be only Key Figures? Or can they be Dimensions?

Lat and Long  needs to be defined as attributes or key figures in backend system. Dimensions will not work in this case.

Q: where is bookmark information stored? (same place as std BW bookmarks? - RSZWOBJ, RZWBOOKMARK...etc.?)

You mean NetWeaver deployment? Please refer to oss note

Q: so as far as BW on HANA this release of Design Studio seems to make Lumira obsolete since it supports more visualizations as well as multi-dimensional capabilities

Not correct statement. Lumira has the data mesh up capability and also more options to share.

Request from SAP:

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