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" Purge for WEBi prompt doesn't work in SAP BI 4. X IDT universe.


"Purge Previous Prompt Values" isn't working.


  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.x.

  • Web Intelligence (Webi)

Reproducing the Issue

  • Create a Web Intelligence report of the universe.

  • Use the @prompt-based filter in the report.

  • Clicking the checkbox to purge the last-used prompt values.

  • Save the report and run it again.


'' WEBI report unable to purge the last-used prompt values.

To resolve this issue, follow the below steps.

  1. WEBi Document Settings:

Check the settings within the WEBi document. Ensure that the option for "Purge Previous Prompt Values" is enabled. This option is typically found in the "Query Panel" or "Edit Query" area when configuring prompts.

When creating prompts in the universe designer, it is essential to define the 'Not_Persistent' property. In Web Intelligence, ensure that the 'Keep last values' property in prompt properties is unselected to avoid retaining previous values.

  1. Refresh the Document:

Make sure that you refresh the WEBi document after making changes to the prompt settings. Sometimes, changes may not take effect until the document is refreshed.

  1. Prompt Configuration:

Verify the configuration of the prompts in both the Information Design Tool (IDT) universe and the WEBi document. Ensure that the prompts are correctly defined and that they are mapped correctly in the WEBi document.

  1. WEBi Document Version:

Confirm that the WEBi document is using the correct version of the universe that includes the desired prompt changes. If there are multiple versions of the universe, discrepancies can occur.

  1. Prompt Options:

Review the prompt options within the WEBi document. Ensure that there are no specific settings or filters applied to the prompts that might be affecting the behavior of the "Purge Previous Prompt Values" feature.

Conclusion: This blog helps to resolve the issue where the "Purge Previous Prompt Values" functionality is not working in a web report.

Feedback and comments are appreciated Thank you for stopping by, and hope this helps at least a few developers/users out there.,

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