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In SAP IBP Planning filters are the most useful functionality for planners to filter personalized data and to improve system performance. Planning Filters that we create in Excel planning view can be reused in Planning operators / Interactive / Background jobs. But so far there is no medium to add a filter in the CPI-DS Interface when we transfer the planning relevant. Now with the IBP-2102 release, CPI-DS has the flexibility to extend the SAP IBP Planning filter functionalities both to and fro between SAP IBP and S/4 HANA.


In the Below figure, we can see that CPI-DS has broadly filtered at the Material type level(MATTYPEID=FERT). So the Inbound and outbound data will only send all Finished products to and fro. Until now, if we want to only send/receive only a few products or group products within the same Material type can be only possible to filter in the CPI-DS task.


Now using the Planning filter either in the Excel Planning view or in the application job template we can restrict the data within the Broad filter in CPI-DS as shown in the below figure.


Use case:

The purchase requisition interface from SAP IBP to S4 HANA is filtered in the CPI-Task by `MATTYPEID’. Using Planning filters we are testing with only one material of that Material type and triggered from excel Planning view.


New filter ‘$G_IBP_FILTER_ID’ has to be added in the Global variable of Interface task in CPI-DS.


SAP IBP:-Application job template

Now in the Application job template Variable Filter option is visible with the CPI-DS task. The planning area is mandatory to use this variable filter. If we maintain the filter in the Application job template then the job can be triggered only in the Application job. To enable user restriction, we have to maintain another new global variable filter ‘$G_IBP_USER_ID’.Using this filter we can restrict the user permissions.


Excel Planning view:

This application job template can be executed in Excel Planning view as well if we have not given the filters in the application job template as shown below. In the below example we have multiple products with different values in the KF ‘Transport Receipts’. But we are transferring only one product/location to S4 HANA highlighted below excel Planning view:


Now the Interface has Transferred and created only one PR for this product/location in S4 HANA as shown below.

Now with this new functionality Dependencies are reduced. We can manage the filters as other application job functionalities from IBP itself.
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