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Recently, SAP’s Patrick Sims joined APOS to discuss what’s coming in SAP BusinessObjects 4.3, Service Pack 3, and how BI 4.3 aligns with BI 2024. A key theme during this session was how many of the improvements in SP3 were derived from customer requests.

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Watch the video clips below to see some of the highlights of this session.

SAP Update – BI 2024 and Next Steps for SAP BusinessObjects

Patrick describes the future of SAP BusinessObjects beyond BI 4.3 to the upcoming release codenamed BI 2024, providing a 7-year runway for further on-premise SAP BusinessObjects development. BI 4.3 becomes a key step in continuing your SAP BusinessObjects journey.

What to Expect Beyond SAP BusinessObjects 4.3

Mainstream Maintenance for SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 SP 9 comes to a close at the end of 2022, so now is the time to begin your move to BI 4.3 in preparation for the arrival of the upcoming on-premise release, codenamed BI 2024. Find out which components will be available in BI 2024 so you can plan your migration path.

3 Key Improvements for SAP BusinessObjects 4.3 Planned in SP3

Find out how improvements planned for SAP BusinessObjects 4.3 SP 3 can increase productivity, extend possibilities, and improve usability.

Key Productivity Improvements Planned for BI 4.3, SP3

Find out what improvements in BI 4.3 SP 3 will help increase productivity and let you build your content better, faster and stronger, including Data Mode, which will allow you to view, combine and transform data.

Key Usability Improvements Planned for BI 4.3, SP3

Find out what improvements in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 SP 3 will improve usability, including incremental enhancements to Prompts, Hyperlink Workflows from context menus, and Trellis charts.

APOS Freemium Offer

During the session with Patrick, we heard mention of the APOS BI Upgrade Freemium Offer, which bundles our UNX Universe adoption technology with an automated inventory of your BI system content.

To benefit from the extended lifespan of SAP BusinessObjects, you will need to convert your universes if you haven’t already, as UNV universes will no longer be supported. This conversion process can be time- and labor-intensive, so it makes sense to take advantage of this offer to automate the process.

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APOS BI Upgrade Freemium Offer



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