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Welcome back to final part of this blog series..

Hope you finished reading Part 4:SAP Business objects: Let's make installation simple with combination of Linux and ASE DB

Lets start adding server to cluster without long wait.

  1. Make sure you installed ODBC drivers for ASE

  2. Configure user profile to run SYBASE.csh at system start


Prior we add additional load to system we need to set some parameters in our DB to take the additional load

1. Additional DB configuration

You might get errors below

Error 1


Solution 1

Increase heap memory by running command : sp_configure "heap memory per user", XXXX

Error 2

Solution 2

Check the existing connections
Increase connections


2.Business object installation... Additional node

Start installation

Continue till you come to installation type selection screen

Select installation Custom /Expand
Continue on Instances screen
Expand existing SAP BOBJ
Provide Database of CMS
Note: Find your SIA information
Provide SIA information
Provide existing CMS information
Cluster key
CMS port
CMS database DB information

Select Yes starting system automatic
Tomcat information
Configure subversion
Skip SMD for now

Skip Introscope
Start installation
Post installation step
Installation successfully completed


Now you can add as many as you want following this document

Hope you like this blog series..

Till next time

Thank you

Yogesh Patel
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