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This is the part-2 of workflow configuration in Document and Reporting Compliance - Statutory reporting, here we are going to know on how to create team which identifies the approvers based upon the configuration.

  1. Introduction of workflow and prerequisite configuration steps

  2. Creation of team in “Manage Teams and responsibilities” application

  3. Creation of workflow in “Manage Workflows Statutory Reporting” application


Follow the steps to create team:

  1. Login to system with user having SAP_BR_BPC_EXPERT authorization.

  2. Search for "Manage Teams and responsibilities" application.

  3. Under Team information, enter below details

    • Team name (Mandatory)

    • Select status as "Ready to use" (by default option "Not Ready to use" selected), otherwise team will not be considered to use in run time.

    • Select team type as "SRFTT" (Start type 'SRF' options will be prompted, otherwise select from F4 value help).

    • Enter Description (optional ).

  4. Under 'Responsibility Definition' enter the values such as country/report/reporting entity/phase

    • Under 'Team Members' assign the approver and the function to act during runtime.

    • Select the users who are the approvers.

  5. Click 'F4 Value Help' of Functions column and select one/multiple functions for each approver.

  6. Finally click on 'Save'. 

The next blog describes the creation of workflow in "Managed Workflow - Statutory Reporting" application.
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