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This document applies to BW7.4 SP11, HANA DB.
This document only discusses about the actions taken for the resolution of this Issue.

Please note:
Experts and Gurus please excuse me for the actual cause behind
this issue is still being analyzed as HANA DB being new to us!! 

Issue description:

The model design for the BEx Query is shown below. It was throwing dump while we u
sed to drag 0DEBT_CCTR Info Object in the drill down of the report. The Query was on top of Composite Provider (ZPT_CP04) underlying of which was the ADSO (ZPT_AD04) and IO (ZEMP_2001) as below screenshot.

Error Description/Messages:

As we can see here, in RSRT the error message mentions about Info Object 0COSTCENTER and the CP (ZPT_CP04). The Query goes into Debugger Mode on dragging 0DEBT_CCTR in the drilldown. Here must to mention, 0DEBT_CCTR actually refers 0COSTCENTER.

What we wanted to achieve:

The data preview on Composite Provider (TC-Listcube).

This is what we want to achieve at report level.


Initially we tried to rebuild index on the particular IO 0COSTCENTER , then 0DEBB_CCTR and our ADSO and also CP involved using the program RSDDB_LOGINDEX_CREATE as recommended by SAP. Yet the problem persisted and didn’t help (for earlier such a case it  did work of course).

So we brought changes at composite provider level for that InfoObject 0DEBB_CCTR as below screenshot.

We changed the default Reporting Properties Only posted values for Navigation to Only Values in InfoProvider

And Bingo!!

Thus we can see the Query started working as desired giving us the exact output we saw at CP level:

Please note:

The setting inside CP for the reporting properties on a particular InfoObject  becomes effective at Query Designer Level as well automatically. Meaning thereby is the screenshot of CP for Debitted Cost Center settings  can be seen when you open up the Query Designer.



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