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Hello Team

Recently, I came across a scenario in SAP Fiori Elements List Report Object Page (LROP) where I need to filter the List Report table data in entity1 based on the Object page data in entity2.

Added a custom filter extension binding the entity2 to the sap.m.MultiComboBox control in List Report:

Given a number to length as I am getting only 1st 100 records. Now, I need to filter the List Report table holding entity1 data. Here in both the entities, there is a common field carrid which I gave as a key to MultiComboBox.

Here is the code I wrote in onBeforeRebindTableExtension method placed inside ListReportExt.controller.js to achieve my requirement.
	onBeforeRebindTableExtension: function (oEvent) {
var customFilterItems = this.getView().byId(
mBindingParams = oEvent.getParameter("bindingParams"),
aSelectedItems = this.getView().byId(
aSelectedItemsArray = [],
aItemsArray = [];

aSelectedItems.forEach(function (oSelectedItem) {

customFilterItems.forEach(function (oItem) {
aSelectedItemsArray.forEach(function (oSec) {
if (oSec === oItem.getText()) {
var oItemKey = oItem.getKey();

aItemsArray.forEach(function (oTextItem) {
new sap.ui.model.Filter(



Hope this helps someone who is googling this outline.

Thank you!!
BR// Dhanasupriya Sidagam

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