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With the new release of Q1 2022, in addition to the updated Lob content and Partner content, a convenient set of templates appeared in the package.

This content is in Content network – Sample

After import, import model, stories and templates will be available here:



From import description:

"Many Dashboard Designers always repeat the same steps at the beginning of the creation of a story. This is required, if all dashboards should follow the same structure, layout, and guidelines. To reduce these repetitive tasks, templates are a great help. Especially if these templates already cover many rules of the given guidelines.
For this reason, we deliver a set of dashboard templates, following the two best-practice guidelines in SAP: IBCS International Business Communications Standards and Fiori Quartz Light theme.

The templates are available for use in the SAP Analytics Cloud application, created to help users follow design standards and create great dashboards.
For each of the two template types, SAP offers three dashboards, including a monitoring, reporting, and planning dashboard.
The IBCS reporting dashboard is only available in canvas-style, due to the required layout flexibility for highlighting values.
Other dashboards are available as a responsive-style and a canvas-style dashboards.
A total of 6 templates are offered to users, helping them in achieving excellence."

Screenshots SAP_FIORI_Templates:


Screenshots SAP_IBCS_Templates:


About SAC and IBCS there was a cool series of blogs from ihilgefort

SAC & IBCS Top 10 (Part 1)   SAC & IBCS Top 10 (Part 2)  SAC & IBCS Top 10 (Part 3)

SAC & IBCS Top 10 (Part 4)   SAC & IBCS Top 10 (Part 5)  SAC & IBCS Top 10 (Part 6)


There are 6 template files available in the Fiori and IBCS folders (3 for each):

What do the IBCS Templates already contain?

  • Preference Settings (not SAC default):

    • Color setting:

      • General page background (light-grey)

      • General lane background (only for Responsive: white)

      • Widget background (white)

      • General text font color (dark-grey)

      • For charts: color palette (grey palette), axis line (dark grey)

      • Shape color (transparent)

    • For tables: table style (e.g. Report Style”)

    • For all widgets: White 8px borders

  • General layout of the dashboard (title, header, filters, content, proposed widget types)


What do the FIORI Templates already contain?

Preference Settings (Fiori Quartz light aligned)

  • Color setting:

    • General page background (#edeff0)

    • General lane background (only for Responsive: #ffffff

    • Widget background (#ffffff)

    • General text font color (#32363a) and different font sizes 

    • Chart color palettes- Standard Palette - Continuous Palette- Diverging Palette- Sequential Palette

    • Axis Line color

    • Shape color (transparent)

  • For tables: table style (Report Style)

  • For all widgets: White 8px borders

  • General layout of the dashboard

    • Canvas:  title, filters, widget borders, proposed widget types, headers

    • Responsive Layout: title, lanes, horizontal separator between lanes, grid spacing, widget borders, proposed widget types, headers


About templates in SAC and their use, mateusz_mikulski  has already described in detail

Story Templates in SAC


Updated Q2 2022:


This content package contains two sample stories and two templates on high contrast which showcase the possibilities in SAP Analytics Cloud stories and provide you an easy start to your own high contrast story. A related best practice guide provides details on how to create accessible stories.

  • High contrast sample stories:
    We are providing two sample stories in high contrast one with black background and a second in white, to show how enhanced contrast according to WCAG can be realized in SAP Analytics Cloud.

  • High contrast templates:
    In addition to the sample stories we also provide a template to build custom high contrast stories with. Here the story preferences have been set to comply with the accessibility standard. You can also use these templates to derive your own high contrast templates to share with the rest of your business.


The sample content for a mobile dashboard uses SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytic Application Designer functionality. This sample application shows one way to design an application dedicated for mobile devices, including screen layouts and user interaction.
Customers can check this sample application and the related scripts to understand how it’s designed, so the related technics can be re-used in the future development. Customers can also reuse this application directly by changing the charts and models but keep the layout and related user interaction methods.
More details can be found in roy.jin 's Blog


Once again, with the new release, we have received an additional simplification for building stories "not from scratch". In addition, both actual visual schemes (SAP FIORI) and world ones (IBCS) have been used.
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