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First I downloaded the data set here from nic.smith

I used Visual Intelligence and first filtered by the highest win/loss percentage, selecting the top 15

I selected the top 15 based on overall win-loss, and then do a combination chart with conference win/loss.

Given my team (Kansas) 3 straight losses, I was not surprised to see their conference win loss percentage was less than overall win-loss.

I selected the Big 12 (my conference, being a University of Kansas graduate):

Given that I am at the MGM, where the Pac-12 tournament was just played, I also took look at the top Pac 12 teams.

Watching CBS....where some analysts said the Big 10 is overrated, I took at look at that conference's top teams:

And yes, the analysts are right, the Big East is the best conference there, with a number of teams with a great win/loss percentage.

So game on!  Rock Chalk Jayhawk for sure!

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