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I’ve gone through the list of this year’s SAP TechEd Las Vegas sessions, and I’ve compiled a list of the most interesting ones (from an integration perspective). I hope to attend as many as possible, though I’m not sure whether I can make it to all of them, as I may have other commitments.

If you work in integration and wish to stay up-to-date with the news and innovations happening right now in the world of SAP, I strongly recommend attending at least a few of these sessions. If you have other recommendations, please list them in the comments section, and spread the word to all SAP enthusiasts and professionals.

I am looking forward to attending the following sessions (if my session allow it):

INT360 – B2B Add-On Solution for SAP Process Orchestration

Figuring out how to use the B2B add-on is always interesting. This year, the presentation will cover trading partner management. The basics are not that difficult.

EXP27523 – IFG for Integration: Survey Results on SAP Technology Integration

This is my session, where I will cover the results of the IFG (International focus Group for Integration) survey. We will be having a conversation on what is interesting about SAP Integration, and what were the replies to the survey.

INT264 – Connect to Third-Party Cloud Systems with SAP HANA Cloud Integration

I’m helping out with this hands-on session. Here we will make our own adapter from the Camel repository, and use it for some integration.

EXP27089 – Interface Serialization with SAP Application Interface Framework

Michael’s session on the AIF (Application Interface Framework). It seems like it will be a topic that is relevant for a lot of integration.

INT101 – What is new in SAP Process Orchestration

I think this is a must, just to keep up with the new innovations that are happening in the SAP world. There are quite a few things happening, as I can see it from the presentation. I hope they will also cover some details regarding the 7.5 release in this presentation.

INT104 – OData Service Deployment Options for On-Premise, Mobile and Cloud Scenarios

I would add this to learn more about the OData direction that SAP is heading toward. I see it as a topic that you must be able to thoroughly understand.

INT100 – Integration and Orchestration: Overview and Outlook

This is about all the different integration products SAP has. I think it does contain a good list of the different sessions to attend if you want to learn more about each topic.

EXP27229 – Best Practices for Building UIs in SAP BPM

I would love to hear this expert session talk. I have been developing some UIs (user interfaces) for BPM, but I’d like to hear their recommendations.

EXP27362 – Innovate with SAP API Management and SAP Gateway

After a week with APIGEE, I believe it is a really interesting topic that we must be able to master as developers. I do hope that it will contain some coding.

TT100 – API First: The New Enterprise Architecture for Systems of Engagement

This is the APIGEE design approach about making APIs (application program interfaces) both internally and externally.

INT261 – Build UIs Based on SAP Fiori to Enable Mobile Access to SAP BPM

Another session that I’m helping out with. We will be covering how to make UI5/Fiori screens on the BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation).

INT300 – Tune a Process Orchestration Scenario for High Performance

It is always interesting to see how it is possible to improve the performance of the PRO system.

INT201 – How to Deal with Integration and Orchestration Aspects of IoT Scenarios

This is also an interesting topic moving forward, about how the IoT (Internet of Things) should be handled.

INT111 – SAP Best Practice Integration with SAP Process Orchestration and Others

This is also my session, in which I’ll be covering what I see as best practices in the integration world. I hope you will come join in.

INT205 – Simplify Your B2B Integration with the Integration Advisor Tool

Integration Advisor can be a tool that will save us a lot of time on B2B integrations. I would like to see how it works, and how to implement it on customers’ systems.

INT210 – Moving to SAP Process Orchestration B2B Add-On

Should be interesting to see if there is any good way of handling migration from Seeburger or other tools to the B2B add-on.

INT103 – Apply REST with SAP API Management

A presentation that goes into some of the REST design principles that are out there.

You can find the sessions on the agenda builder:

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