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Hello All,

I have cleared the “C_SAPXIMP_20 -- SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Fiori Implementation and Configuration (Wave V)”.examination this week(in fact on 16th March 2016).

Through this blog, I would like to take you all through the experience I had and would like to share some information pertaining to the specific certification.

Those who have limited knowledge on this certification, please go through the following link:

  • It’s an Associate Level Exam.
  • Exam Code: C_SAPXIMP_20
  • Certificate awarded: SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Fiori Implementation and Configuration (Wave V)
  • Topics: Fiori Administration, Implementation and Configuration.

I have been working in Fiori for more than a year now and that was the main motive of taking this exam.The only drawback what I would say is that this exam is on wave 5. We have the waves 10-11 in corner and there are lot of changes that had happened over the different waves and you might be working on versions >5. But when you prepare for the exam, you will to prepare, considering wave 5 in mind.

Topic Areas:

Test Day:

   Mandatory Documents required to enter the test center are:

1.   Government photo identification card (Passport / Pan Card / Driving License / Voter ID – All are options in India.)

2.   ID card issued by the training center/Company Identification card (Direct certification participants)

There will be a Proctor (invigilator from SAP), who will provide the instructions. If you face any issues with the system on which you take the online test (like question and answers screen is not appearing), don’t panic. Proctor and/or some IT Infrastructure person would be there for your help.

To be frank, I was very much tensed, some thoughts were haunting me :???:


  • Will I Pass? Yes, No, May be.
  • What will happen if I fail?
  • What will I tell to my Manager and Colleagues, if I fail.

Now something about that exam:

  • Exam contains 80 questions and total time is 180 minutes. I would say 3 hours is very much needed for this certification.

Questions can be divided into 3 parts:

1) Multiple choice questions, where there is only one answer (Radio Button type)

2) Multiple choice questions, where there are more 1 answer (Check box type) (You will find the number of correct answers beside the question like 2, 3 etc.) à Carefully check the number of correct answers for such questions and don’t forget to mark all those correct answers)

3) A new type of question like below: (only one question like this).

A screenshot was given and we were asked a question quite related to one of the topic in that screen shot.

Some useful points:

  • Each correct answer carries 1 point and wrong answer carries 0 points. If you have questions which have more than 1 correct answer you will have to include all the correct answers for that question. Remember there are no partial points.
  • From the first question onwards, you will have a NEXT question button with which you can start sailing to the next questions.
  • From the second question onwards, you will have a PREVIOUS question button, where you can go back to the previous questions and correct if necessary.
  • One more button is available called ASSIST is also available. When you click assist button, it will show a block in the right side with 80 squares indicating each question number in each squares. The question which you are answering will be a white background and the one answered will be in green background.
  • Also, there is a flagging option that is available for each question. If you are not sure whether your answer is right, you can flag that question, and that will notify you that you need to attend that question again.
  • In-case if any technical problems happens in between your test, don’t panic. There will be some network person who will help you to retain the session and whatever answers that you have marked till that time will be safe. You can continue from where you have stopped.
  • You will have a time notification in the right top corner. Keep an eye on that always.

   Some personal tips from my side: (Depends on Individuals anyway)

  • Instead of using the assist button and flag option, use a piece of paper (ask Proctor to give one) and mark 1-80 numbers in that. Start answering from the first question and Strike off the numbers in the paper, which you have answered with 100% confidence.
  • Initially try not to spend more time on individual questions, instead quickly keep answering the questions that you confident enough, from the available 80.
  • Once you have done with the first round, check the numbers in the paper that you have not striked off, go back to that again, read it more carefully and continue the same process a couple of times. Now you will have to take a judicious decision by answering the questions, which is less doubtful.
  • If you continue with the above steps, after 2.5 hours, you will find very few questions yet to be answered, now dedicate the last 30 minutes exclusively for answering that questions.
  • Also, as said before, some questions will have more than one correct answer. Ensure that you have marked all the correct answers. Don’t fully depend on the Green Background in the assist option as the background colour will become green even if you mark 1 answer for a question which is supposed to have 3 right answers.
  • Read the question twice or thrice, there are lot of tricky questions, where you will be tempted to choose the wrong answers. Beware of such questions.
  • Keep yourself calm and concentrate on the questions.

After 2 hours 55 minutes, a pop up will come indicating that you have just 5 minutes for completion.

I am sure there will be some questions which you are not aware of/ or not even heard of. Quickly answer those ones by marking the most appropriate one (that you feel), as there are no negative marking. Never leave any Questions unattended.

Test Completion:

It’s time now and you will have to submit your answers. You can use the SUBMIT button for this. Keep Proctor informed that you are going to submit.

NOTE: This SUBMIT button will be there from the first question itself. Ensure that you don’t click that by mistake in between the test. That will result in your termination from the test.

This is 2nd most costly SUBMIT button in my life. First one was, during my HANA Certification in December 2013.

If you don’t submit even after 3 hours, session will automatically disconnect.

You will now see your result: Passed or Failed.

With God’s Grace, I passed my exam.

Please be informed that 59% or above will be considered as Pass and SAP certificate would reach to your address in 4-6 weeks and your exam pass percentage will not be mentioned in the SAP certificate.

You will also see the individual % of marks in each session and the overall total.

Fiori Configuration

Fiori Installation

Theme Designer

Fiori Launchpad Configuration

Fiori Security

Work Flows

UI Extensions

Fiori Architecture

ODATA Extension

HANA (Analytical Apps)

Data Flow

Fiori Security

Now how to prepare:

Following is the main material document, which you should go through before your exam.

SAPX03 – Part 1 (Fiori Implementation and Configuration Part 1-7) (367 Pages)

SAPX03 – Part 2 (Fiori Implementation and Configuration Part 8+) (308 pages

SAPX11 (Administration) (I have not seen this book)

Personal tips on the Type of Questions:

  • Please go through the above documents once or twice. Around 20+ questions were direct ones for which you don’t have to think a lot while answering.
  • In this exam, I have observed that lot of practical scenario type of questions were asked which you could answer only if you had real work experience on Fiori.
  • Pay good attention to the COMPONENTS / VERSIONS. There were many (5+) questions on this topic.
  • Carefully go through all the Diagrams (all markings) mentioned in the document.
  • There were many questions on Theme Designer/custom themes.
  • There were a couple of syntax questions from the UI5 Side.
  • There were many tricky questions whose multiple choice answers provided were quite confusing.
  • There were 2-3 scenario based (actual/real time) questions.
  • There were a couple of questions on the Fact Sheets.
  • Be very clear with the components inside the various system like Front end, Backend and so on. Also ensure that you have fair knowledge on what type of tasks each of these dedicated systems are supposed to perform in a given landscape.

Final Note:

Prepare seriously for your exam.
This is relatively a new exam module. So please don’t go behind brain dumps (you will not even get that, for sure).

Go through each and every page of the standard documents twice or thrice, get some real experience on Fiori and then attend the exam.

Do your part well and the rest God will take care.

Just think only one point: If many can pass the FIORI exam, WHY CAN’T I.  

All the best to those who are going to prepare for the exam!

Enjoy FIORI!  



Active Contributor

Thanks a lot Prabhith for sharing your Certification experience. this is helpful for a lot people.

if possible can u share more on How preparation went, how much practical knowledge helped etc.



Former Member


Thanks for your blog, useful. Please answer the following questions.

How do I enroll for this?

How much does it cost?

When would be the next exams conducted?



Active Contributor
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You need to follow the link provided in the first paragraph.  Remember to search first then ask.

Regards, Mike (Moderator)

SAP Technology RIG

Former Member
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I took a look at the link provided earlier, but that does not show for India. Please let me know if you have any further info on taking this exam from India.



Active Contributor
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You need to direct your question to the Training and Certification shop since they actually control where the certification exams are given.  This site is not going to have as much information as they will.  Send them an email if none of the present exams fit your needs.

Regards, Mike (Moderator)

SAP Technology RIG

Former Member
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Hey All,

I do not have Fiori experience. But was exploring about the possibility of enrolling for the Fiori certification. But this blog has mentioned about the importance real time experience(questions around that).

Lets say I can

- buy a SAP Press book

- Enroll to Online Courses

- Explore SCN Fiori Blogs/SAP Help

- Experience SAP Fiori demo applications

- Get a trial subscription(haven't explore about this).

From your(either Prabith's or anyone) certification experience, what could you suggest about this approach(I am not going to take your word for this, but would definitely be a valuable information for planning and preparation.)

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Hi Prabhat,


Could you please let me know where I can get PDF docs for preparation. My scheduled test date is April 28 2015.

Kind regards


Former Member
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Thanks for Sharing..

Former Member
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Thank you for sharing Prabhith ..

Former Member
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Hi Prabhith,

I am planning to give certification next month.can you share me  sapx03 pdf .

Active Contributor
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Hey Prabhith,

thanks for sharing your experience!

I can relate to it, as I took a warehouse management certification a few years ago.

I think I didn't understand your tip to write down Numbers 1-80 on a piece of paper - I'd guess that takes a lot of time that would be better spent on the questions?!

One tip I can add:

As you mentioned in the end "You will also see the individual % of marks in each session and the overall total."

-> write those down, as they show you what areas you can improve your knowledge even more! (That screen is the only time you see that information).



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Chetan and gaurav.kishore,

The documents that Prabhith mentioned above are the course contents published by SAP Education.  The only legal way to get the documents is by taking the course.

Regards, Mike (Moderator)

SAP Technology RIG

Active Contributor
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Wouldn't SAP Learning Hub also help in such a case?

Active Contributor

Probably there are other resources by which folks could learn about Fiori.  There are lots of items in the SAP Fiori community from which to learn including the demo systems, but the SAPX03 documentation is specific to the SAP Education course.

Cheers, Mike

SAP Technology RIG

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Ok, thanks for the Info!

Former Member
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Thanks for sharing valuable experience. I just moved Fiori projects, this will surely help me to write certification.

SAP FIORI C_SAPXIMP_20 Certification Questions and Guide – SAP Fiori C_SAPXIMP_20 Certification

Former Member
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I have work experience in java and web development for around 5 years.I am very much interested in this track. is there any prerequisite  to take Fiori examination apart from intense preparation? i have not worked on SAP before, Can i still write the exam after preparation?
Kindly advise.

Great work prabhith prabhakaran & all of you.

Former Member
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Hello  Prabhith,

Many thanks for sharing your experience and insight. As i am also preparing to write the same certification. Would be a great help if you please provide with SAPX03.pdf.

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Hi ab179ec2292047a5a16ec05a9cb3b23b

Thanks a lot for this post.

Now in 2017.. 🙂  I don't know if things have changed, but the material I got (SAPX03) is a single book (not part 1 and part 2 as you mentioned), and contains 480 pages and 9 units.

Could you tell me if it's correct, or I'm missing something ?

Thank you very much.

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