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Hello All,

Today I will be sharing my experience of getting certified on SAP BTP Extension Suite. I will try to keep it short and explain only the important points.

For detailed insight, you can go through the wonderful blog written by denys.kempen

Let's Begin...

There are two certifications that are available in BTP

  • SAP BTP Extension Suite

  • SAP BTP Integration Suite

Here we will focus only on SAP BTP Extension Suite certification.


About the Exam:

This Exam test your skills on the SAP Extension Suite profile and your in-depth technical knowledge in the CAP framework, Cloud Foundry environment, CI/CD, UI, and connectivity.

Target Audience:

The certification is targeted to below Profiles-

  • Application Consultant

  • Development Consultant

  • Business Process Architect

  • Developer

  • Enterprise Architect

  • Solution Architect

  • Super / key / Power User

Pricing Model:

To get the certification there are two pricing model that is available-

  • In the first model, you can take up to six exams attempts of your choice in one year from wherever and whenever it suits you!

  • In the Second model, you can take only one attempt over your subscription period of 12 months on the Certification hub

Note-  If your organization has a subscription to Learning hub then you can leverage that and you don't have to pay any amount for certification.

If you have any queries related to certification, Exam Process, and Post Exam process You can go through the below links-

Course Content

The C_CPE_12 certification expires on December 31, 2021. And the latest available certification for Extension Suite is C_CPE_13. There are a total of 9 topics that you have to go through to prepare for this certification. The percentage of questions is also mentioned for each topic and I would say you will mostly see the same percentage of questions in a real-time exam.

Preparation Strategy: The Hard way

The hard way to prepare for this certification is to go through the e-book mentioned in the above screenshot i.e CLD200.

If your organization has a subscription to SAP learning hub then you can go there and find this book.

The latest edition of this book is CLD200_EN_Col20. This is the edition that you have to complete to prepare for this certification.

Note - The book is not downloadable and you can only read it on the private browser window. Let me know in the comment if anybody can download it.

The book has 243 pages and it took me 3 days to finish it as I had prior knowledge of BTP and also good exposure to app development in the BTP environment. It may take a few extra days if you are new to BTP. In addition to the above, the book contains mostly theoretical stuff and it is not easy to remember all the points. But still, you can finish it quickly (not that quickly 😊).

Important Note - Do not forget to go through the sample questions/quiz available at end of every topic. In a real exam, 15-20% of questions can be directly from these sample questions.

Preparation Strategy: The Smart way

The smart way to prepare for this certification is to go through the newly launched SAP Learning Journey.


SAP Learning Journeys provide free, easy-to-navigate learning content which helps you gain the skills you need and to prepare for an SAP Certification. This is the perfect place for certification not only on  SAP Extension Suite but also for other certifications too as shown in the below screenshot.


In our case, we will go through Developing with SAP Integration Suite

It contains a total of 7 units it will take around 10-12 hours to finish.

The content available is pretty much the same as what we have in the CLD200 e-book. The benefit is that here you do have to go through long theoretical stuff (which can get you deep sleep 😆).

The content available here is very much interactive and it contains short videos and interactive images that can help you grasp things faster. Also, it would be easy to understand and memorize.

No doubt "A picture is worth a thousand words".


Here also you will have sample questions available at the end of every unit.

Finally, I would say this course would be enough to get you certified on SAP BTP Extension Suite. You do not have to go through any other material or Open SAP Course.

Important Note - Again, do not forget to go through the sample question/quiz available at end of every topic. In a real exam, 15-20% of questions can be directly from these sample questions.


Happy Learning.
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