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The process of importing a task from one SAP Cloud Integration for Data Services (CI DS) client to another is like copying a job or task. You can transfer a single task or all tasks within a project by exporting them and subsequently importing them into a different organization or a new datacenter.

Export Task:

Log in to the CI DS organization from where you wish to copy the task.

Choose the specific task or project that includes the tasks you want to export.


Click More Actions > Export.

A file is saved to your local Downloads directory. Single tasks are exported to a flat file in XMI format and saved with a .xml file extension. All tasks in a project are exported in a zip file.

Import Task:

After exporting a single task or all tasks in a project, finalize the transfer by importing them into a new organization or datacenter. To import tasks, you must have the Administrator role. Tasks are imported into a project, so identify the project where you intend to import the tasks.

  1. Choose the project where you intend to import the individually exported task or group of tasks from an exported project, then click on "More Actions" > "Import."


Once you click "Import," a new window will pop up. Follow the instructions on the screen to choose the file containing the task or project you want to import.


Browse to the location where you saved the exported task or project.

  • If you exported a single task, the file has a .xml extension.
  • If you exported a project, the file has a .zip extension.

Additionally, provide the task name, source datastore name, and target datastore name. If the Datastore belongs to a File Format Group, check the box located on the right side of the Datastore details.


Click OK.

The task will be imported successfully. Now, you can change the target or source by editing the dataflow. You can modify the transformations, filters, and mappings as per the required.

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