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Hi SAP Community,

I'm writing this blogpost to be helpful for someone like me who are migrating their projects from SAP WEBIDE to BAS. I'll be updating this BLog as and when I learn something new in BAS and find solutions for problems  in migration.


  1.  Run your app in a specific version from Cloud foundary Launchpad

If your app is in cloud but backend is on-premise, you may want to run your app in specific version. To do this. Add this code in the manifest.json above "sap.ui5".
 "": {
"ui5VersionNumber": "1.71.33"
"sap.ui5": {

2. Metadata 404 from CF launchpad

If you application is on the cloud foundary but data is in on-premise ABAP systems,if CF apps are not able to laod metadata change the relative path of the service url in manifest. instead on "/sap/opu/odata"  change to "sap/opu/odata"

3. Apps not appearing in launchpad after migration

You might have missed to add launchpad configuration . Add this code in the terminal

terminal->new terminal from the menu
npx fiori add flp-config

specify semantic object action and title

4. Navigation parameters for Deployed apps

I read in anotehr blog that you require these roles to perform an edit of launchpad configuration. I havent tried these myself. But just in case if you want to check this might help you.

If you dont have these roles of if this doesnt work, Add it in the manifest as below in the semantic object
"parameters": {​​​​​​​"Transactiontype": {​​​​​​​"defaultValue": {​​​​​​​"value": "4"}​​​​​​​}​​​​​​​

5. Some help with the tool

  1. Add fiori launchpad deploy configuration -npx fiori add flp-config

  2. View->Run command->Consume SAP Services- to add odata

  3. Help-welcome-Welcome Screen

  4. View-run command-application info( for adding deployment config, deploy, undeploy application etc)

  5. Manifest.json->right click->open service manager to view services and refresh metadata

6. App structure for successful Job running from SAP CI/CD

Ensure all the files in githhub are in the root and not inside a folder. Only if the mta.yaml is in the root, CI/CD will be invoked. Set up webhook in github to trigger CI/CD after every push


7.Apps not showing up in launchpad/HTML5 applications after deployment

In this case check if npx fiori add flp-config is doen for ur app and also check if the below code is present in manifest.json
 "": {
"public": true,
"service": "<App name in cloud>"

8.Change siteid in launchpad site

Click on 3 dots  in ur launchpad site Manage launchpad alias, give it a name.ID will change to that name


9. If CI/CD job fails what all should you check?

  1. Credentials

  2. See if the user that runs CI/CD has admin access in git repo

  3. Check if application info and flp info are added in code

  4. check syntax errors

10. Build fails in BAS

npm install --save-dev @sap/ux-ui5-tooling@1.7.5

Upload collection shows 403 when run from BTP

Remove uplaodUrl in view,add instantUplaod=false. and setupload url in onchange and onbeforeuplaod method

Upload collection shows 403 when run from BTP | SAP Community

 Help LInks


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Launchpad config tutorial

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Add navigation Manually

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This is not the end. I'll add to this when I find more tips . Thanks for reading!
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