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Sometimes we get requirements from clients to combine multiple PDF output documents into 1 document similar to PDF Merge functionality provided by 3rd party tools. This blogs talks about the steps to achieve the same without storing the files on Application server and running UNIX commands to run a script to merge them.


Call the FP_JOB_OPEN function module with below parameters

*   Call abode with structure gs_frm_interface and  get the PDF
fp_outputparams-device     'PRINTER'.
fp_outputparams-dest         'PDF'.
fp_outputparams-nodialog  abap_true.

fp_outputparams-preview   abap_false.
fp_outputparams-getpdf     abap_true.
fp_outputparams-reqnew   abap_true.

fp_outputparams-preview    ' '.

fp_outputparams-assemble  'X'.
fp_outputparams-bumode   'M'.       " This is Bundle Mode
fp_outputparams-getpdf      'M'.       " This should be set to M, compare to regular value X being                                                                     " passed

* Sets the output parameters and opens the spool job
CALL FUNCTION 'FP_JOB_OPEN'                   "& Form Processing: Call Form
ie_outputparams fp_outputparams
cancel          1
usage_error     2
system_error    3
internal_error  4
OTHERS          5.
IF sy-subrc <> 0.
*            <error handling>



Get the Adobe Form function Module using FP_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME and Call the function module for your 1st Adobe Form.



Get the Adobe Form function Module using FP_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME and Call the function module for your 2nd Adobe Form.

Make sure you call all the Adobe form Function module, as many as you want here.



Call the FP_JOB_OPEN as you would do normally


Step 5:

Use the Function module 'FP_GET_PDF_TABLE'   to get the Merged PDF content, as shown below

    DATA pdf_table TYPE              tfpcontent.
DATA la_pdf     LIKE LINE OF pdf_table.

e_pdf_table pdf_table.

READ TABLE pdf_table INTO la_pdf INDEX 1.
IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
e_pdf_content la_pdf.
* Raise Appropriate Error


The PDF content will now have all the Adobe forms PDF content merged into 1 PDF content, and this can used to display in Webdynpro or downloaded to you desktop.
Former Member

What is the type of e_pdf_content and how to use it in the functions?

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Hi Isil,


e_pdf_content is of table type RAWSTRING . It contains the PDF Content in RAWSTRING format. You can use this PDF content in function like a) Download b) Display PDF in Webdynpro by assigning the data source for an Adobe UI element.
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Hi Suresh,

Please post code for download same pdf on desktop
Hi Suresh,

Thanks for writing this blog. In my opinion, In Step 5: if you read pdf_table with index 1, it will only consider the 1st PDF, not the 2nd one. pdf_table table will return Y no of rows for Y no of individual PDF forms to be merged.

I had a similar requirement to merge multiple PDF to single one and write it to application directory. For that I had to implement note 2264208. This contains rectification of class CL_RSPO_PDF_MERGE.

Then perform the below steps.

DATAlo_pdf_merger TYPE REF TO cl_rspo_pdf_merge,           

lv_rc              TYPE i.

CREATE OBJECT lo_pdf_merger.

LOOP AT  pdf_table INTO la_pdf.
lo_pdf_merger->add_document( la_pdf ).

* Call kernel method to merge the specified PDF files.
lo_pdf_merger->merge_documentsIMPORTING merged_document = e_pdf_content

rc lv_rc ).


Now e_pdf_content will contain the XSTRING/RAWSTRING value of the merged PDF and you can use this to download or write to application directory.
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Thanks Biswas , for your Valuable comments.

In the scenario i was trying to merge multiple PDF contents into 1 PDF , and that is the reason why we use READ table INDEX 1 . The Main purpose is to get all the PDF contents merged into single PDF content. So you should not see more than  entry in the PDF content table.


Thank you for mentioning about the OSS note  2264208 and Class CL_RSPO_PDF_MERGE.


Suresh Karri
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I have digital signature in my each pdf file. After implemented your code..multiple forms are merging but digital signature is not flowing in my final output.

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Please reply..its bit urgent
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Hi Kishore, I have not dealt with merging PDF's with Signatures. Not 100% sure why you would not get the signature in the merged document. Please reach out to SDN with this question, you might get some answers.

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Did you try the Class that Sugato Biswas was trying to mention. Please check of the cl_rspo_pdf_merge method of merging will resolve your issue with signature.




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hello dj, did you found the solution?
Hi guys,

I know, the thread is already quite old, but one information could be helpful for others with the same problems regarding signed pdf documents.

It's not possible, that a signature of a pdf document remains or remains valid after a change of the document. The signature ensures, that the pdf document was not modified after the signing.

Best regards,
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Dear all,

Thank you very much for these amazing contribution!.

It's something we are currently need to solve - which will be really really helpful for me 🙂 🙂 :).

Only one question may rise for me: Would the logic above work with PDF/A files?.

It'd be just awesome!!!!.

If you have a clue how might be possible to reach it??

Thank you so much in advance!.
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Hi Suresh ,

After merging, how to display the form only not download.


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I have tried with the method you have posted.
Am facing 2 issues.

1) e_pdf_content la_pdf. ( Here e_pdf_content ) is unknown.
2) I have tried with by declaring it. But when am trying to check with my output its showing as PDF Device does not exist. 
I want to display my output and user needs to print out all the pages.
Please help me with this am new to SAP and also its an urgent process. @skarri2406 
Please Guide me for this.
Thank you.

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