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KTern.AI, an SAP-centric Digital Transformation as a Service (DXaaS) platform, took part in the SAP ALM Summit APJ 2023 as a Gold Sponsor. This significant event, hosted by SAP at the prestigious SAP Labs Bengaluru, served as a convergence point for SAP partners, customers, and ALM leaders, providing a platform for meaningful discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities. KTern.AI's active engagement at the summit highlighted its commitment to delivering customized solutions to drive digital transformation. 

Trust Your Data for Your Digital Transformation: 

At the heart of this event, Ratnakumar Nagarajan, Chief Product Officer (CPO) of KTern.AI, took center stage with a keynote address that resonated with attendees. In his compelling speech, he emphasized the importance of trustworthy data in decision-making. Ratnakumar’s spotlight on KTern.AI's data-driven insights, particularly its commendable test-script recommendation and rapid assessment capabilities, struck a chord with the audience. 

KTern.AI CPO, Ratnakumar delivering Keynote Speech

Furthermore, SAP Leaders Sindhu Gangadharan (SVP and Managing Director at SAP Labs India) and Marc Thier (SVP Application Lifecycle Management at SAP) visited KTern.AI's exhibitor booth, expressing their appreciation for the capabilities of KTern.AI.  


KTern.AI team interacting with SAP Leaders

KTern.AI and SAP ALM – Combined value: 

During the course of the summit, KTern.AI facilitated an engaging breakout session that drew great attendance from the SAP family. The session was expertly led by KTern.AI’s Sales and Partnerships Managers, Rahul Jacob and Krithik Sharavan. They provided a firsthand glimpse into the impressive capabilities of KTern.AI, showcasing its seamless integration with SAP Cloud ALM. Attendees had the opportunity for a hands-on experience that demonstrated the value that KTern.AI brings to the table. 

Rahul Jacob and Krithik Sharavan driving Breakout Session

Acknowledgment and Honors: 

The momentum of Day 2 continued beyond the engaging breakout session as KTern.AI showcased its "RISE With Testing" solution as a part of the HACK2BUILD ALMathon. The audience and SAP leaders were genuinely impressed by the solution's capabilities, leading to the company receiving both the "Crowd Choice" award and the runner-up award. 

KTern.AI team showcasing RISE With Testing Solution

Notably, KTern.AI's solution garnered high praise from the SAP Co-innovation team, which subsequently selected KTern.AI for the SAP Co-innovation program. This strategic partnership is set to focus on the development of innovative solutions rooted in Generative AI. 

Amid the festivities, the KTern.AI team had an enjoyable time during the networking dinner organized for the summit's attendees. It provided a valuable opportunity for SAP customers and partners to interact with the KTern.AI team, fostering meaningful connections and knowledge exchange. 

KTern.AI team sharing the stage with SAP Leaders

Interaction and Knowledge Transfer at Exhibitor Arena: 

Throughout the summit, KTern.AI's exhibitor booth attracted visitors from the SAP community. Eager to explore the capabilities of KTern.AI, these attendees engaged in meaningful conversations with the company's executives. The hands-on explanations provided effectively addressed visitors' questions and concerns. 

On the event's third and final day, KTern.AI received a visit from the members of the INDUS Team. This visit not only facilitated knowledge exchange but also provided valuable insights and feedback, reinforcing KTern.AI's ethos of continuous improvement and collaboration. 



KTern.AI's participation as a Gold Sponsor at the SAP ALM Summit APJ 2023 showcased its commitment to empowering organizations with data-driven insights and innovative solutions. The recognition and awards KTern.AI received further underscored our contributions to the industry. With SAP's support and a growing network of partners and customers, KTern.AI is poised to continue pioneering innovation in the pursuit of digital transformation. 
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