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I just received the update for Java 7 on a client laptop. I have an idea that update of software is a good thing it keeps the system updated and hopefully have fewer security problems. It seems to be a recurring issue with the Java platform. 

I wanted to start my development with SAP PI and the Integration Builder tools. So I was looking forward to see how it would perform. I have seen the Java 7 update on a terminal server on another client. Here there java 7 was unable to start the Enterprise Service Builder or Integration Builder.

On my client laptop I was able to start both tools on the PI 7.31 systems. It did take quite a long time and when they finally started they were using 300mb. In Java 6 they only took up 200mb when they started. If you have 4 windows open then it is the difference in using the swap file or not.

My challenges are that I was not able to start the java 7 version always and it took forever to start, if it did decide to start. So I had to find a way to use the Java 6 WS to run the tools.

The easiest was to use a Windows Shortcut to manage and start the tools. So I created a shortcut for each system and then in the target I had the following information

"C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_35\jre\bin\javaws.exe" http://server:54000/rep/start/sso/repository.jnlp

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_35\jre\bin\javaws.exe" http://server:54000/dir/start/sso/directory.jnlp

The javaws needs to be updated to where you are locating your java 6 WS and the server url should be updated to point to your server.

Then I could just copy the shortcuts for PID, PIT and PIP, and just changed the server and port. I now have 6 shortcuts to start the PI tools with. The single sign on does not work, but I can manage to enter my password when starting the Swing tools.

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I just ran into the issue and this solution works great. easy and quick.

thanks for the helpful solution.

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Good to know that we can create a shortcut , I was typing the whole path of javaws every time and used to download the repository/directory.jnlp files to open the same ....time saving tip..thanks for sharing this tip.



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Thank you. It's working.

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Hi Daniel - This alternative solution can also be used to avoid issues with changes in java 8 security settings.

May be you can add the tag java8 or change the title to working with multiple version of java so that it can be easily found

Thank you

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On our system Java 6 has been removed completely and replaced by Java 7. I don't have admin rights so cannot download 6. Is there any workaround for me as I cannot access IB or ESB of SAP PI?

Thank you in advance. All help greatly appreciated! :smile:

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Is it possible to have SSo for IB using Logon Tickets ..Showing as SSO enabled but no logon ticket
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Cool, still works really fine. The security guys prevented me from using JNLP. But with that trick I can overrule them.
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