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Hello fellow SAP developers,

this will a short one but I think it might be helpful to other developers.

We had the problem, that the READ requests from our SAPUI5 application took a very long time to process in the S4/HANA backend system but were actually returning fine.

Somewhere in SAPUI5 app, the CAP middleware, the managed Approuter or the BTP we had a component that threw a Gateway Timeout issue after 30 seconds.


We searched for hours but could not find the one resource that would help us. In the end it was a combination of multiple blogs, questions and documentations that helped us.

All we had to do was to set the HTML5Timeout property to a value like 30000 in the mta.yaml like this:

Destination Timeout setting

During the deployment these destinations are created/updated in the service instance.

I hope this might help someone out there to save some time.

Don't worry, we will work on the performance issue of the requests as well but we needed this urgently as a quick "fix". 😉

Most of the information comes from the SAP Help library:

Thank you for reading and I am looking forward to hearing your feedback.
I will post of more those insights if I find something useful and if there is demand for it.
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