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I would like to share my own experience on Upgrade management tool...

Before going to discuss about Upgrade management Tool, you need to know about Business Intelligence Content.

What is BI Content...??

BI content is nothing but Collection of Users,groups,folders,reports,universes,security,other objects, which is available with Central Management


that is called BI Content or CMS Content.

Suppose you are working with BOXI 3.1,whatever the BO version you are using the CMS Stores the above data(Users, Groups, Universes,

Documents, Folders etc.)

Now consider you are working with BOXi 3.1,If you want upgrade your version from BOXI 3.1 to BO 4.X

Here you need to upgrade your CMS content to higher version, to do that we use Upgrade Management Tool.

**User has a choice to select method of Upgrade as per his requirement.**



Upgrade Methods
1.Complete UpgradeIncremental Upgrade

If I talk about the above two methods..

Complete Upgrade: This is Best and Fastest Method to Upgrade, Because it take all the CMS content at a time from source and it will deploy it to destination.

                                If you use it you can save time also.

Incremental Upgrade: it allows user to select required content to upgrade.

Once you start with upgradation by selecting complete upgrade technique, you will see three options...

Up gradation Options
                                                                                                                       Live To Live
                                                                                                                       Live to BIAR

                                                                                                                       BIAR to Live

Defends upon selection you need to provide some credentials on next to this selection. Credentials are User name, Password.

Live to Live: to do this you need to authenticate with Source  CMS to Destination CMS.

Live to BIAR: To do this you need to Authenticate with source CMS and you have to provide a path to save BIAR file along with a name.

What is BIAR.....???
                                                                                               Business Intelligence Archive Resource

Defending upon your requirements and complexity of content you can create more than one BIAR file, but condition is all BIAR files should be in Same


while creating BIAR file you can encrypt that by giving password to it, But it is Good to avoid encryption, if you do it will take more time while processing.

finally it perhaps an performance issue.

generally we use BIAR files while transporting content from one environment to another environment (Development to Test to Production etc.)

Note:: If you want to Transport CMS content from one environment another with in the same version like BO 4.X to BO 4.x

          It is NOT possible with Upgrade management tool,  to do that You need to go with PROMOTION MANGAMENT.

Note:: Before Start Upgrade, you need to stop all services except 1.CMS 2.File Repository Server

BIAR format will be biarengine.jar

will update soon.....

Thanks & Regards

Brahma Reddy

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