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Product and Topic Expert
Hi All,

I would like share my experience on working on a MDG upgrade for MDG GL accounts.


This blog post covers:

  1. Why MDG 9.2 for Financials.

  2. Pre-requisite to perform a version upgrade from MDG9.0 to MDG9.2 for Financials.

  3. Step by step process of the upgrade

Basic working experience on MDG-F and basic webdynpro knowledge is required to understand the blog. The steps and the process is done on a S4HANA 1809 FPS02 system as the target for the MDG source.


MDG 9.0 supports only 2 account types , i.e P/L and balance sheet accounts , but SAP S4 HANA has 4 account types namely primary cost and revenue, Non operating , Secondary costs & Balance sheet which is not supported in MDG 9.0.

However MDG 9.2 supports these account types same as S4 HANA and it is helpful for accounting users to classify their accounts same as S4 HANA.

Below is the mapping of account types between MDG 9.0 and MDG 9.2.

Mapping between two MDG Version
Sno  MDG9.0 MDG 9.2
1 P/L Account Primary cost and revenue
2 P/L Account Non–operating
3 P/L Account Secondary cost
4 Balance Sheet Account Balance Sheet Account

In my case , I had a MDG co-deployed architecture on S4 HANA 1809 FPS02. We decided to upgrade to MDG 9.2 as it is recommended by SAP to move to MDG 9.2 when we are on 1809 S4 HANA version for G/L accounts.


To start off the upgrade process we need to ensure there are no open CR's in MDG pending for approval.

The below note provides the details on the Business functions as well as the BC sets required for activation of the MDG 9.2 for 0G data model, though BC set activation is not mandatory.

Central note : 2589642 - MDG-F: Edition and Change Request Types for MDG1809 or MDG 9.2

1. Open SFW5 t.code and activate MDG_FOUNDATION_9 business function, followed by MDG_FINANCIALS_8 and MDG_S4_FINANCIALS_8

Business functions

2. Activate BC sets by T.code SCPR20

  • CA-MDG-APP-FIN_EDITION_08 which delivers the latest content of editions

  • CA-MDG-APP-FIN_CR_TYPES_08  which delivers standard CR types associated with 0G data model.

Note: This step is not mandatory , but it is recommended .

BC sets

After step 1 and 2 is completed the in the entity ACCOUNT a new attribute called S4ACCTYP will be added which will allow us to choose 4 account types as per the new S4 HANA GL account types.

New attribute in ACCOUNT entity

This attribute will be blank for all the existing accounts in MDG , so to add value to this attribute we will follow the next step.

3. SAP has provided a standard report USMD_FIN_S4MIGRATION which will enrich the existing G/L accounts by adding value S4ACCTYP attribute .


4. The MDG 9.2 changes the Primary cost element tab to controlling data tab , even though both UIBB's are present in the standard UI application , the controlling data will be hidden by default and has to be activated manually by customers performing the upgrade.

UIBB configuration

Once the above steps are performed successfully , your MDG GL application is upgraded to MDG 9.2 and is ready to use.

From a Data replication perspective , the cost element data will now be merged into GL account web-service GeneralLedgerAccountMasterReplicationBulkRequest_In


[Updated on 15.03.2021]

5. Since cost element data will now be merged in  GeneralLedgerAccountMasterReplicationBulkRequest_In , The cost element webservice should be disabled to avoid any data mismatch between GL webservice and Cost element webservice.

SAP Note for reference.

3010534 - G/L Account texts are not or not correctly updated in S/4 HANA for Account types Primary Costs or Revenues and Secondary Costs when replicated from MDG-F



In this blog post we covered why need MDG 9.2 for MDG-F and how it is different from MDG 9.0. The pre-requisites for performing this upgrade and the detailed step by step process of the upgrade

After reading this blog and following the steps readers will be able perform MDG-F upgrade from MDG 9.0 to MDG 9.2 seamlessly.

Looking forward to your comments and hope this will be helpful to all the readers.





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