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UPD 2019-10-19: the script also works with the newest AS ABAP 752 SP04, developer edition.

This is an update to my previous post on this subject.

Since the previous post I've done several improvements to the script. It is more automatic and stable now. According to my experience one of the first thing me or my colleagues do in a fresh system is installing abapGit. This requires several cumbersome manual steps like installing SSL certificates and abapGit itself. So, I thought, why doing it manually ?

This resulted in a couple of java script programs (nodejs based) which call SAP RFC to install the SSL certificates and ADT endpoints to install the latest abapGit reusing a couple of fantastic libraries mentioned in credits below.

Also some of my colleagues kept asking me to help them with installation so I ended up with a video (below) which shows the complete process. The beauty of Vagrant is that the whole installation is done almost unattended and require very few actual of attention time. All the complexity of installation steps are boxed in the Vagrant script which is triggered by one command.

Don't forget the hardware requirements of the system - the installation result in ~40GB for the fresh system and need some space to grow with time and 6GB of RAM (though you may try get away with 4GB + swap - didn't try a lot myself).



The github repository with vagrant config can be found here:

Hope you'll find it useful!

Let's make abap devops grow stronger 🙂
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Good to see I'm not the only one using that module 🙂
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Just tried this out, worked seamlessly at the first attempt

Great time saver!
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Worked perfectly for me too.  Thanks Alexander!
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So far works nicely. It’s a great help. Still there are a few vital questions open.


After installation user <npladm> has password <SapPwd1!> but password of user sapadmb and root are unknow. Can you please uncover this.



SAP AS ABAP 7.52 SP04 and SAP ASE: Setting the Maximum Database Size Manually

is not installed yet, right? If not would be nice to integrate that into next version of your script. Can not be installed with with npladm, guess we need sapadm or root for this.





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I am in step of the Minute 1:08 (Download and NW distribs) and I dont have been able to continue


put uncompressed distribution files..



Download and uncompress NW distribs


Where I can Download this files that appear in the image as (img, server, install, install, readme, SAP_COMMUNITY_DEVELOPER_Licence)?






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Check the official blog post for Dev edition 7.52 SP04, there you should find the links
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