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Introduction: SAP has provided standard SAP Fiori Client in both Android and iOS app stores. This comes with standard SAP logo and SAP flash screens. But for companies who use custom theme with their company logo, BG image and Colors for the Fiori Launch Pad, it will be nice to customize the Fiori client as well. This is possible in SAP Cloud Platform without coding through the FMS (Fiori Mobile Service).

I have categorized my Blog into three major steps. 1 is required Configurations to make this happen, 2 is Creation of signing profiles which is another prerequisite for this, 3 is creating the FMS application which is nothing but the custom Fiori Client in our scenario.

Step 1: Configuration

1.1 Enable the “Fiori Mobile” service under “Services Tab” in your cloud sub account by clicking on the “Enable” button. Wait until the tile shows text “Enabled” in green background.1.2 Enter the same Fiori mobile service tile and click on “Configure Fiori Mobile”

Now, assign all the 5 pre-defined roles to your user id or group. Assign the “Mobile place user” role to the end-users as this is required to download the custom Fiori client app from SAP mobile place.


1.3 Go back to the Fiori mobile service overview and click on “Configure Mobile Packager”. Assign the 2 pre-defined roles to you or your group:

1.4. Navigate to “Destinations” in left panel and create “Fiori_Cloud_Edition” destination here. If you give the generic FLP URL here, the default FLP site will open from your custom Fiori client app. Note that you can create multiple FLPs under one sub account. So it is important to either set the productive one as default under the portal service or to give specific FLP URL here.


Admin Console

Introduction: After you enable and configure the service, you have 2 options. 1 is “Admin console” and another is “Mobile place”. You can think of the admin console as a place where you can mobilize your Fiori apps (this is where we are going to create the custom Fiori client) whereas the mobile place is the “SAP app store” (this is from where the users can download the custom Fiori client in their mobile devices and tablets) .

Step 2: Create Signing profiles:

2.1 Click on “Go to Admin console” in the FMS overview page. A new tab will open and take you to the SAP mobile secure (I suggest you bookmark this URL for direct access from next time). Sometimes, you have to enter your email id here for some reason. The sub account id appears automatically.

2.2 Agree to the disclaimer if any and proceed.

2.3 Click on “Manage Signing Profiles” under “Applications” in your left panel and choose your OS on the right. Example: Android. In my case I had to do it for both Android and iOS users (for creating an iOS signing profile you need to register and get the distribution certificate from Apple whereas, Android signing profile is free and automatically generated. So for concept related POCs or demos you can just go for “Android” if you don’t have the iOS distribution certificate etc with you.

2.4 Click on “+ New profile” in the right corner.2.5 Choose Android (generate) or if you have relevant files and password for iOS choose “IOS(Upload). If you want to create both, you have to repeat this step (create one signing profile at a time).2.6 Fill all the details shown below and click on “generate”:

 Step 3: Create new application (custom Fiori client in our scenario)

3.1 Click on “Applications” on the left and Click on “ + New application” in detail page.

3.2 Click on “Get Started” to see 2 available options.3.3 Choose “ I want to mobilize an existing Launchpad or Fiori app”. (We are choosing this option because we want to create a Custom Fiori client with all the Fiori apps in the FLP just for the purpose of Branding with customer Logo and splash screen). You also have the other option to publish each app individually in the SAP app store.

3.4 The FLP URL which you configured in the destination in Step 1 (point 4) will appear automatically. You also have an option to manually enter the FLP URL.

3.5 Choose “I want SAP to build an application for me” and click Next. Please note, here application means “Custom Fiori Client application for the FLP URL you chose”.3.6 Enter an application name, Choose the signing profile(s) you created in step 2, Choose the intended OS version (the minimum which you expect your users devices be on).

3.7 Upload your company Logo or any image for your app (this will appear in the app store for user to click and download). This will also be the app icon later on in your users mobile devices.

3.8 Upload your custom splash screens (this will appear while user wait for the FLP to open after clicking the app from their mobile devices. This will last only for a few milliseconds depending on your network speed).

(Best part for multimedia here is that the resolutions are mentioned for all three images. So you can provide this information to your design team and get right images in right dimensions).

3.9 Under “Are you ready to build your application”,

You can choose yes, select email notification and click finish if you do not want any more customization.

You can choose no if you would like to add some “user guide documentation”, “screenshots of the apps” or any more customization like adding specific plugins.

3.10 Under “Platforms” you can see your custom Fiori client application with status “Ready to build”. Click on actions and build. Once you start Build you can see the progress percentage.

Once the build is complete, you will receive an email from SAP stating whether the build was successful. You can come back to this page and choose next steps. Do not get confused by seeing additional versions. Everytime we build one version, the status of the built one changes to "new signed' and another version is created for "ready to build". So it's important to note down the version number which you want to publish. More info in 3.11. The last action here is to "set to production" the new signed version.

3.11 The state of each version of apps means the following:

Ready to Build: This is a new app or this version of the app had some changes recently and is ready to build now. Click “Build” under actions to proceed.

New Signed: The version is built and ready for testing and production use. You can either ‘launch on device cloud’ and test or ‘set to production’ and test in real mobile devices.

Production Signed : You have set that particular version to production.

Retired Signed:

You have built and set another version to production. So this version got automatically retired.

(0r) You have manually retired this version. This version can be deleted.

Once your app is “Set to Production” you are all set.

3.12 You can now go back to the FMS overview page and click on “Go to Mobile Place”. You may have to re-login here. Bookmark this URL and share it with your mobile tester or try it yourself from a mobile device.

The "SAP mobile place" is the SAP app store I was talking about. The app icon and name of the custom Fiori client you created will appear here for the users. The users have to just download and install this in their mobile devices like any other app from an Android or iOS app store!

Few Additional and relevant settings which you might be interested in:

  1. Under details, you can mark your app as a featured app so that the users will see it in the home page of the SAP mobile place (app store). This will avoid an additional click/navigation to look for the app until the app starts appearing as "top downloaded" app in the home page.

  2. Under Owner info, your name and details will appear by default. You can add other administrators as co-owners here.

A couple of dis-advantages I see which SAP can try to improve in FMS are:

  1. The owner or co-owner cannot be a company name but only an administrator user. Why this matters is, the end - users will see this information while downloading the app from SAP mobile place. So it will be nice if we can have the company name as the app owner (the organization which purchased SCP end-user licenses).

  2. There is no transport option under FMS. There is transport option (export and import) for portal services (we can export portal site / FLP from one sub account to another sub account). But in FMS we have to re-create everything in each sub-account even though they fall under one global account which is definitely a re-work for the developers or administrators.

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Thank you kavitha for the descriptive explanation.
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Most welcome Arjun.
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Nice blog
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Thank you.
Former Member
Good information.

Many thanks.
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Thanks, you are welcome!
Thanks Kavitha, this helped a lot...
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You are welcome, Laxman. Glad it helped.
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where will i be able download this? i was not able to find it anywhere. After clicking on Mobile place, there i get a blank page.  could you please help?
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You will be able to download the app from mobile devices through the “mobile place” URL. Ideally, there will not be a blank page but only “featured” and “top downloaded” apps will be displayed in home page. When your app does not fall under this category you can find it through navigation in the top left menu list.

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Hi Kavitha,

Thanks for the informative blog. My team is working on a use case for developing an Offline mobile application. We are looking for ways to transport the app from one subaccount to another. In this blog, you described SAP is trying to improve FMS for this.Can you please help us if you have more information?


Hi Kavitha,

thanks für the great blog.

One question though: is this custom app only usable in the Cloud Platform or can you use it for an on-premise Gateway Server too?

BR, Klaus
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Hi Klaus, Sorry for the huge delay in reply. Somehow I have 2 accounts in SAP and the old one linked to this blog seems to be not available anymore.

The custom Fiori client app should be possible for Gateway server too. Have you tried?

BR, Kavitha
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Hi Sankeerth, Sorry for such a long delay in response. Transporting from one sub account to another was not possible at that time. We had to re-create the app. Did you look into SCP recently - may be it is possible now? Let me know. I will have it checked if not. I am totally into project management these days so never looked into this recently.

BR, Kavitha
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Hello Kavitha,

What would be the file type of the downloaded file after developing it, will it be apk or exe. Is there any way I can meke it run on the desktop or window server?


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Hi kavitha,

  1. What is a generic FLP URL ? Is it SAP Fiori launchpad URL or SAP HCP portal URL?

  2. I am unable to create "Signing profiles"

Please suggest to me.
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