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Disable replication
> Go to Secondary DB-Stop the secondary Database as below

su - <hidadm>

HDB stop

In secondary DB unregister the DB by command as below

hdbnsutil -sr_unregister

> Go to primary DB and disable the replication

hdbnsutil -sr_disable


Enabling replication while there is scenario of Primary,Secondary and tertiary DB

In primary DB
hdbnsutil _sr_enable=Site1

In secondary DB
hdbnsutil -sr_regsiter --name=Site2 --remoteHost=<Hostname of Primary DB> --remoteInstance=<Instance number of primary DB> --replicationMode=logreplay --operationMode=Async

In Secondary start the HANA DB
HDB start

In Tertiary DB

hdbnsutil -sr_regsiter --name=Site3 --remoteHost=<Hostname of Secondary DB> --remoteInstance=<Instance number of Secondary DB> --replicationMode=logreplay --operationMode=Async

In tertiary DB start the HANA DB
HDB start

When there is a cluster switch
1.Add the cluster into maintainence mode
2.Revert back the primary DB as primary by Stopping of secondary DB
3.Then follow the above procedure

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