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In this blog, I have expanded how to develop the Simple UI5 programming in VS (Visual Studio) Code.


Scenario:- Build a Simple Login & Password Application in Visual Studio.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Visual Studio.

Step 2: Create WebApp Folder in Computer System, then add in the VS Code.

(Note: we can create a folder by any name.)







Step 3: Create an index.html file.


Step 4: Create subfolder under webapp by name View & Controller.

To create a layout for User Id & Password, create an XML file under View subfolder. 

Step: 5 Create Js View in the View subfolder.

Step 6: Create Js File in the Controller subfolder.

As per standard, we have followed the MVC (Model View Controller) Structure.

Now we can run the application in VS Code via Go live Server, then the system will take you automatically to the new screen as shown below




Congratulation!!! Our First UI5 Application has been created in the VS Code.


I would like to thanks maheshkumar.palavalli for his guidance.

























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