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This blog article will teach you how to consume OData service in i-Flow. You will also learn about OData adapter configuration & the utilization of Content Modifier in our i-Flow.

In this i-Flow I'm using the above free OData service

Create an i-Flow with the name OData

Open & click on edit the i-Flow.

As Start event should have an incoming message use Timer event instead of Start Event


Now, add a content modifier & write the below XML code in Message Body




In order to fetch the details of that particular Order Number I’m using the above XML code

Now add another Content Modifier & create a variable as shown below

Now add a Request reply to consume the OData service

Now connect your request reply with Receiver by using the OData V2 as message protocol


Now configure OData adapter as below

In the connection tab give the free OData service url in Address and keep the remaining as default

In processing tab configure as shown below

In order to choose Resource path, click on Select & select the path that we have created in Content Modifier

After selecting it will take you to another screen as below. So, don’t change anything in Step-1 keep it AS-IS

Now click on Step-2 and select the Operation as Query as we are fetching the Order Details.

In Entity, search for Orders and select it. Also, check all the checkboxes against all fields

After this click on Step-3. Now, give the filter conditions as below

After step-3 click on Finish. It will automatically generate a query as below based on our filter conditions.

Leave the remaining fields as empty as they are not mandatory

Now save and deploy the i-Flow. Always, change the Log level from info to Trace to see all the Message Processing steps

Once you i-Flow gets started you can see the below payload at the End Step


This is the process to consume the OData service in i-Flow based on our requirement.

Please feel free to post a query in the comments section if you have any inquiries. I’d like to ask everyone to provide feedback and to like this blog article if you found it helpful. To discover more about CPI, kindly follow me for similar technical articles.


Thanks & Regards,

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Hi Suresh,


Nice Blog for beginners in Odata Adapter.Also request you to share more blogs for other query operations of Odata adapter.
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Great blog

Would be great to have flow using SOAP adaptor as next blog

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Hi @suresh_98 ,

Are you saying from ABAP side I just have to create OData service and provide that to CPI person?

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Hi everyone,

Has anyone implemented an identical solution with odata adapter that involves an Odata V4 made through a cap project and  with authentication?

I have read around that authentication is not supported or or doesn't work properly, but I would like to understand it better.

Thank you all.

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Is there a similar blog to connect to Gateway Odata Service in CPI Iflow

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