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Everyone using SAP will at some point of time will start using SAP Fiori. For every Mobile app Usage of the App is very important. This blog will cover how you check the Metering Usage of SAP Fiori App. This is available in both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA



Login to SAP and go to Transaction Code

SE38-->Enter Report name /IWFND/R_METERING_VIEW

Now Execute and Select the Date Range

Now Execute and we get the below result. It Contains the below detailed fields

Tech. Svc. Name
Operation Type
Number of Entries 0
External ID
Entity Depth
Access Type
Consumer Type
Response Size 0
Delivery Address

Request Address
User Name
Time Stamp 0
OData Channel used
Duration in microseconds 0



It also tells who is using and when and which app so you can plan your training accordingly

This is very useful for the Business and IT to check for user Adoption.



This should be used in SAP and SAP S/4HANA.

Use the below details  also

  • Report /IWFND/R_METERING_AGGREGATE which will take the aggregated details from table /IWFND/L_MET_COL into other tables (/IWFND/L_MET_AGR, /IWFND/L_METAGR, /IWFND/D_MET_AGR).

  • Report /IWFND/R_METERING_VIEW is to view metering details. This will read details from /IWFND/L_MET_COL table and display it in an ALV grid, once you run the report check the operation field in Display metering data to know the type of operation executed from front end.

  • Report /IWFND/R_METERING_CRT_JOBS can be used to schedule above aggregation report as a batch job.

  • Function Module /IWFND/METERING_AUDIT on execution returns Obj count in result

  • Report /IWFND/R_METERING_DELETE can be used to delete old metering information from Gateway tables.


Below is the Video link

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