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When I activated and imported the Business Content for Integrated Business Planning for SAP Analytics Cloud, I had some minor problems - so I decided to make a new query and import it manually

I started by updating each of the Dimensions with master data from my source system. By opening the model, selecting the Dimension and creating an import job for each.



In each import job, I had to create a query where I selected the corresponding Dimension on the source system - In this example I selected the "Customer Group"


And after the query has been executed and master data have been transferred from the source system to SAP Analytics Cloud. Here I could also set up an automatic transfer of master data each hour or day, depending on the requirement of the customer.


These steps has to the repeated for all Dimensions in the model


The key figures in the model have to be selected when creating the query


After the master data have been transferred, I have to set up a query - I start by making a draft sources

I then select all the keyfigures that are already present in the model, and the Dimensions that I have already selected and transferred masterdata for. Remember to also create a filter on "Target Unit of Measure" and "Target Currency"



Then I need to map the Dimensions to the model - In my case it was done automatically - but the mapping is drag and drop if you need to do it manually


Once the mapping is done, I deleted the old query and updated the new one - and now a schedule can be set up to update the data based on customer demands


And now the story and Digital Boardroom from the Business Content package can be executed and refreshed




Even though you can experience problems with the Business Content delivered by SAP, you can update the relevant components your self, and still gain the full benefit of the content - It is an easy way to show your customer their own data, in an professional manner.
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