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In this blog post, users will learn how to do development while working with single-tenant SAP Analytics Cloud using a live data model with SAP HANA


Models are developed in SAP HANA and then connected to SAC for reporting/dashboarding purposes. This is achieved using the SAC live connection to HANA models. The incentive is to reduce data duplication at multiple systems.

Most organizations have SAP HANA setup with different environments namely development, quality, and production which help the developers to develop in one environment and test it in another before they release it for end-users in production.

For SAC with single-tenant acting as a development system, quality system and productive system makes it tricky for developers to move between different environments.

While working with single-tenant and handling multiple systems of HANA for various clients, have identified a process that has helped me maintain consistency and reduce reworks on the SAC reports/dashboards.


In this example let's assume that we have a HANA Model in our development environment named C_I_FINANCIAL and is connected to SAC using the live data model SAC model also named DEV_I_FINANCIAL. SAC Story is built using this model.

Now development work needs to be tested in quality so the C_I_FINANCIAL are moved from dev to quality environment. For SAC we need to change the source of the live data model to get data from the quality environment.

Change Data Source in SAC for live Data Model HANA connection

Using the change data source functionality of the SAC live data model helps in moving from one system to another with certain limitations. This can be done by going to DEV_I_FINANCIAL Model -> Preferences -> Change Data Source.


Here user can select the connection to the Quality system and select the same model CA_I_FINANCIAL and click ok.


Once the user clicks ok, SAC will display a warning stating what rows have been affected or changed like below and the user can review the changes


All affected rows will be highlighted, once the review is done click the Save icon, and the SAC model will be saved.

The story connected to the model will display the updated data from the quality environment.

The same process can be done once the models in HANA are moved from Quality to Production.

Note: Both the models in Dev and Quality need to have the same column/field names for the move to be successful with the least changes to the story/report developed.


It is possible to use a single tenant of SAP Analytics Cloud using Live data models from SAP HANA. The user needs to be careful about the field name being the same while switching between different environments (Dev/Prod). SAP Analytics Cloud provides a good level of flexibility and has various capabilities to build dashboards for different organizational requirements.


Please leave your feedback, questions, and concerns in the comments section.

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Hope this helps! 🙂
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