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Hi experts,

Today we bring you a real case of Global APIs using SAP Integration Suite.

We define Global API as that API that provides digital assets regardless of what backend it is obtained from.

Imagine that you have to create an API to expose information related with customers, but depending on the country (or another parameter in your API / Application ) you need to extract this information of different backend systems ( on-premise and/or cloud systems ), What do you think is the best way to do it?, the following diagram represents our answer:

As you can see the following SAP Cloud Platform services are involved:

  • Custom Domain: Allows you to customize the default tenant URL or domain as per your needs and access the tenant using your own the domain.

  • API Management: Provides simple, scalable and secure access to digital assets through application programming interfaces (APIs) and enables developer communities to consume these.

  • Process Integration: Facilitates the integration of business processes spanning different companies, organizations, or departments within an organization

  • Connectivity Service: Allows SAP Cloud Platform applications to securely access remote services that run on the Internet or on-premise

In this kind of scenarios there are 3 layers in place:

  1. System Layer: Represents the local APIs exposed by the backend systems, it could be OData services, Web services, REST services, Data Bases, SFTPs, FTPs, etc.

  2. Process Layer: It's in charge of perform structure mapping, routing, splitter, aggregator, value mappings, consume local APIs from System Layer exposing one unique and unified data definition for a particular digital asset as an OData Service. All this is handled by "Process Integration" & "Connectivity Service".

  3. Consumption Layer: This is the final and Global API exposed to the consumers, here traffic management and security policies are applied handled by "API Management".


Be prepared for a series of blogs where we will show how to implement this scenario 🙂


Mandatory blogs:


Kind Regards.

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