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Hello World, again!

Continuing the innovation series, i wanted to bring back an "old" topic but that is not really explored in the "SAP World" so far... Gamification!

What if SAP applications (Mobile, FIORI, UI5, etc) could bring more of a "gaming UX" for some functionalities and scenarios, improving the overall experience with SAP (that was knowned in the past as "bad UX")?

For this POC scenario below, when the user app session expires he needs to complete the game to be able to continue: 😉

I know that if we bring something exactly like this to the "real world", it could not bring any value to the user... but the main goal here is to showcase how gamification and SAP can work together! The possibilities are also endless...


Full (current version) Demo video:

Drop a comment below on what other possibilities and scenarios something like this may help, ok? Let’s chat!

Best regards.

PS: Check out the Facial Recognition post here.

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