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First a little background. I have been working with a third-party software vendor doing a proof-of-concept to see if their product can help us achieve a particular objective. The specifics of our objective or their software are not important. The key is this software needs RESTful Web Services on our BusinessObjects system to be functional to work its magic. We are running 4.2 SP7 Patch 400. I am no RESTful Web Services expert so forgive me for my potentially inaccurate terminology. I am just trying to get the third-party application running.

The first roadblock we hit was an error to the effect of RESTful Web Service Cannot Reach CMS. The root cause of that issue was an incorrect value for CMS_Default in my file. It was set to my web server when it should have been my application server.

After resolving that I thought we were in the clear. Not so. To isolate the issues from the third-party software I have been using Postman.

The next issue was with following call...

GET https://<baseurl>/biprws/raylight/v1/about

Resulting in the following error...

Not Found (RWS 000005)

A quick search brought me to 4.2 SP7 Webi RESTful Web Service Issue. The solution was listed there was to install a newer patch.

In the hopes of finding something short of upgrading I reached out to my SAP support provider. After about 30 minutes of checking various settings and doing his own searches he came across SAP Note 2619641 - Restful SDK does not work after doing a web tier only install in BI 4.2 SP5. It seemed to be a pretty good match to my situation.

Click the link above for the full details, but basically I needed to copy the following two files from <InstallDirectory>\SAP BusinessObjects\tomcat\webapps\biprws\WEB-INF\eclipse\plugins in a good install of the same patch level.


  • com.businessobjects.plugins.RepoAccess.jar

I had to restart Tomcat and my problematic RESTful Raylight Web Service call worked.

One more thing. In my research of this issue I came across a five part blog series on RESTful Raylight Web Services beginning with Scripting Web Intelligence: the RESTful Raylight Web ServicesScripting Web Intelligence: the RESTful....

Hope this helps someone down the road.
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