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Greetings, Community Member!

Purpose of this blog

With this article, I would like to share my findings on "How To Transport Space-Pages from one system to another, which are not connected by transport route?" 
One might encounter this requirement where stand-alone Sandbox system are deployed or one need to create a package of Space-Page POC/Implementation, ready for deployment to any S/4 HANA On-Premise System.

With a quick overview of this Fiori element, we will find our solution. Let's begin.......!!!

What Space-Pages have for us (Admin/End User)?

Fiori Spaces & Pages are great, when it comes to content management. As an administrator, one get more levels of control implementation and as an end user, more levels to break-down activities.

In a nutshell, what Space-Pages offer when compared (with Groups): -

  1. Admin can manage controls on page level and space. (One more)

  2. End user can create multiple sections with tiles on same page (Only way, create more groups)

  3. ........(many more to count)

How one can manage Space and Pages?

It is being taken care with two new apps introduced, F4834 Manage Launchpad Spaces and F4512 Manage Launchpad Pages. Where former gives you options to manage Space and Pages (display only to roles, where current space is assigned), latter helps in managing Pages and Sections (where app tiles are assigned).


It is same as we have for other Fiori elements, direct space assignment in Role menu. With space, pages & sections are bundled, no additional assignment.

Next comes, Transporting these Space and Pages:

While creating them, we assign them into a transport and the job is done. Well yes, it is that simple.

But, How can we transport all of these Spaces-Pages, create and captured in different transports, out of the system (if required).

How it can be achieved? - The Answer

Merging all different transport, can be an option but what if we can assign all of these in single transport at once? What gonna help us here are two tables, /UI2/STHEADC (holds Spaces) & /UI2/PGHEADC (holds pages).

Create a dummy transport with Virtual system, as we need to release this Transport Request in the end.

Select all the Spaces-Pages from SE16N, and add these entries as object in a transport. Other details required to finish this job are following:

Short Description Program ID Object Type Object Name
Fiori Launchpad Space - Customizing R3TR UISC (Entries from /UI2/STHEADC)
Fiori Launchpad Page - Customizing R3TR UIPC (Entries from /UI2/PGHEADC)

Once the objects are added, release this Transport Request. This will generate co-file and datafile of this TR in system directory. Export the co-files and data files, using CG3Y t-code for Embedded deployment or Function Module 'ARCHIVEFILE_SERVER_TO_CLIENT' in Central Hub deployment. After export, zip both the files together and Done.

To import them, use Function Module 'ARCHIVEFILE_CLIENT_TO_SERVER' in target system. This will add the files into target system directory and can be added to import queue of the same.


With this, now we have a solution to make system specific Space-Pages ready for any other which is not part of system's transport route.

Feel free to post your thoughts on refining this article. Thanks for your time, I hope you find this helpful!

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