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AI is the buzzword of recent years which is changing every aspect of our life and really transforming any industry. We have been developing enterprise-level AI based on SAP BTP for years and would like to share with you a success story of our customer – Tapestry Inc, the finalist of SAP Innovation Awards 2022 – and who knows, maybe one of its winners?

Customer case

No other business is as rapidly developing as retail. Decisions need to be taken on the fly which requires quick and simple access to the data of numerous systems. At the same time, business data is sensitive and demands protective measures to be in place. Complex expanded infrastructure, varied points of data access, strict security requirements, interfaces that require extended onboarding and user training – all these factors were making it challenging for Tapestry employees to be efficient in their routine data-driven decision making.

Both Tapestry and us, their trusted SAP partner, realized that making access to the data both optimized and securely protected is a key to efficient processes in the company.

Another point considered was the fact that employees are still multi-channel in their productive activities, that is, we all use dozens of applications and interfaces of data access that serve different purposes. For example, the points of access used by our customer to reach the data include state-of-art native SAP and non-SAP systems: embedded Fiori for S/4HANA, SAP Jam located on the Company portal, ServiceNow browser-based access. There is no doubt that they serve their purposes perfectly, but still they remain completely different tools which must be opened, logged into, authorized, etc. – and this does not facilitate the work of users at all. One can ask: what is sure to facilitate these activities? Our answer would be: a single interface of simultaneous talking to different systems in different channels based on single sign-on functionality.

A single interface of simultaneous talking to different systems


Hence, the aim was to create a single interface of simultaneous communication with miscellaneous backends in the framework of one chat window – and so we did. We delivered a chatbot solution - a multilingual, omnichannel, voice-enabled intelligent assistant developed customizable and scalable solution utilizing SAP Conversational AI services of SAP Business Technology Platform, with embedded single sign-on functionality and the Hybrid Chats extension from Skybuffer to enhance AI advantages with human efficiency. We had the client’s 3 main digital core systems integrated into the cognitive automation platform and ensured the single access to SAP S/4HANA, SAP Jam and ServiceNow.

One of clear values is that with the embedded single sign-on of Skybuffer solution, the user can choose different convenient for them communication channels to access the same trusted data. These can be any available messenger, or the chatbot on the corporate portal. In any case the information is sure to be securely provided from the selected backend system.

Zoom Chat integration with SAP Jam, ServiceNow and S/4HANA

Webchat component integration with backends utilizing SSO functionality

In such a way, various points of access to the system data lead the authorized user to one trusted source of information.

This fantastic interface of communication to the backend allows, among others, calling in a freeway (no rigid algorithm to follow, completely free communication) adaptive cards – certain micro apps with the requested data. They facilitate data requests in the channels where they are supported and within the scenarios where this type of interaction is the most logical.

Webchat component enhanced with Microsoft Adaptive Cards support

Microsoft Teams integration with adaptive cards support

If the channel capabilities or client preferences require any other form of getting the info - not cards, for example, but texts - the communication mobility can be preserved in the text form, too. The general idea remains: the dialogue with the backend is fastened, simplified and unified.

Zoom Chat conversion of the adaptive card into the multiple steps dialogue


With Tapestry, Inc we put into reality the dream of getting the information from numerous systems in one channel of communication. To put it simple, we made it possible to have in one single chat the data from different backends – all thanks to the power of single sign-on and fantastic functionalities of SAP Business Technology Platform.
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