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Objective: To showcase new feature released by SAP in SAP S/4HANA 2023 release : Enhancements to Receiving Handling Units Using RF

Context : With release of SAP S/4HANA 2023, SAP introduced new functionality for Receiving of mixed products in Handling Units (Rainbow pallet) using a radio frequency (RF) device. Warehouse operators can now create putaway warehouse tasks for the stock packed in HUs of an advanced shipping notification (ASN).  User can perform following actions : 

1. Manually create mixed pallet by packing different products from an inbound delivery in same Handling Unit OR Automatically create nested Handling Units according to a packing instruction, a packaging specification, or with the package builder.

2. Post Goods Receipt for entire Inbound delivery or ASN.

3. Create new warehouse tasks.

This functionality can be helpful in Jucing Industry, Furnishing retailers etc. where mixed-case palletizing is prominent.

Inbound delivery is created with 2 different products, the delivery is not yet packed. We are going to recieve HU using RF device from following path:  Inbound Process→ Receiving of Handling Units → Rec. by Delivery.

After passing delivery number, the first screen shows below details:


In next screen scan HU label for exsisting HU or hit "New HU" button.


In next step scan our first product to be packed and quantity.


In next screen scan Packaging material.


In next screen, system will display like HU, HU type, product, quantity etc. User validate these details and hit "Pack" button.


In next step, previously created HU will be used and now user can scan second product to be packed in this HU.



In next step scan second product to be packed and quantity.


Validate all details in next screen and hit "Pack"


Both products are now packed in a single HU, we will now post GR for the entire delivery.


Conclusion: We can use this new feature provided by SAP to to optimize the goods receipt process for rainbow pallets and post GR for entire delivery in a single go.


References: What's New in SAP S/4HANA 2023



















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