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Introduction: We often get the requirement to copy dataset and make it easy for the business users to pre-populate it rather than creating the new data, one of the common examples is to copy data from one period to another or copy quarterly data, in absence of Copy function in PaPM we can use the Writer function to copy the data.

This blog will help you to understand and configure how to copy data from one quarter to another quarter dynamically using the process parameters and selection.


In this example we will copy ‘Equity Ownership’ data from quarter Q2 2023 to another quarter based on process selections and parameters, let’s move forward with the configuration approach.

Step 1: Model table ‘Equity Ownership Data’ with fields Company, Country, Quarter and Equity Ownership


Step 2: We need to create a parameter which will be used in Process Parameter as to which quarter we want to copy data, add the Parameter and selection in Calculation unit as shown below.


Step 3: Create Writer function ‘Copy Equity Ownership’ with Writer Type as 'Insert'

  1. Input - Equity Ownership Data (Model table)
  2. Signature


3.Output – Pass on the parameter value ‘TO_QUARTER’ to filed ‘Quarter’ as below


Step 4: Create a Process Template and executable Activity as per below details.

Process Steps and Activity with writer function ‘Copy Equity Ownership’



Step 5: Let’s copy Equity Ownership data from Quarter Q2 2023 (20232) to Quarter Q3 2023 (20233) by providing Process Parameter and Process Selection as below.


Output: Equity Ownership Data has been copied from quarter Q2 2023 to Q3 2023


Summary: Writer function can be utilized with Process Selections and Parameters to copy the data dynamically based on parameters value provided through process template and this facility can be rolled out to business users to copy the data as per the requirements.

If we have a requirement to copy a multiple dataset available in different Model tables , same approach can be used, instead of executing the writer function through process template, we can create join function and use the multiple writer function in union join as input and call the final join function in process template.


Build Writer Function :


Dilip Shukla

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