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We upgraded from BusinessObjects environment from 4.3 SP02 Patch 8 to 4.3 SP03 Patch 8 one month ago. It went relatively smoothly with no major issues discovered yet. We had begun targeting 4.3 SP03 Patch 5 about 6 months ago, but one week before we were set to install we came across this bug...

3381739 - Free Hand SQL (FHSQL) with prompt returns no data in Web Intelligence Document on first re...

That set us back about 6 weeks. I am so thankful we discovered that before upgrading.

I know that we need to do comprehensive testing before a production upgrade. And we do. I also have an expectation that SAP also does some level of testing. Given that bug and now this one related to scheduling in 4.3 SP04 and 4.3 SP04 Patch 1 it makes me wonder what level of testing is being done...

3418696 - Webi Report Schedule failed with error "Object failed to run due to an error while process...

As of now, it does not look to me like there is a fix for this serious issue. This not some edge case functionality. Scheduling and distributing reports is a core feature of our usage of BusinessObjects.

I found out about this in a response to a SAP Business Objects Upgrade to 4.3 post in a different forum. We should not be left to find out about significant issues like this by trolling the depths of various forums.

Is there a way to search for all KBA/Notes that would affect a particular version, support package, and patch?

How about referencing notes affecting each support package and patch in the "Related Info" sections (last column) of the downloads?


Or perhaps these SPs and Patches should just be pulled? Who wants an installation where scheduling does not work?

With each new SPXX release there is a blog post like this one...

SAP BI 4.3 SP4: What’s New In Web Intelligence and Semantic Layer

It seems to me that blog post should be updated to say, "Hold off for now."

I would truly like to engage is some real dialogue from SAP on this. We get a lot of exposure to the BI roadmap and new features (blog posts, webinar, etc.) of what is coming...

SAP Analytics Business Intelligence Statement of Direction – October 2023 update

The Road Ahead for SAP BusinessObjects

At some point we need assurance that serious attention is being given what we have here and now. Not everyone can jump to latest release nor does it seem we should.

If I have in any way mischaracterized or overstated this issue, I will gladly update this.



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