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Welcome to our latest article in the SAM4U series, available under the grouping tag: SAM4U as a Service. Each article stands alone, encapsulating a feature to keep the focus sharp and the content connected but not dependent on sequential reading.

SAM4U is an SAP tool (demo instance available on our website) comprising two components:

  • SAM4U Data Extractor: To be installed in all your SAP backend systems.
  • SAM4U Fiori Application: A standalone application requiring ABAP 7.58 basis, installable in your landscape or accessible as a service from our SAP partner environment.

SAM4U Extractor Installation and Features:

  • SAM4U Data Extractor: Distributed by SAP via TCI Note 3292019. Once installed, it gathers:
    • Users data
    • Engines data
    • Users Authorizations data
    • Users Active Usage footprint data

How to Schedule and Gather Data:

  • Active Usage Data: Schedule ABAP report /SAM4U/BEX_ACTIVE_USE_ANALYSIS to start reading Active Usage data. It gathers data from ST03N statistics or STAD files (usually retained for 48 hours), so daily execution is recommended to capture and store yesterday’s Active Usage statistics in the SAM4U table.


Pic. 01. SAM4U – Active Usage Analysis ABAP Report Scheduling Variant

Extracting Data:

  • File-Based Extraction: Use ABAP report /SAM4U/BEX_EXTRACTOR. It's beneficial to execute USMM measurement before data extraction, or SAM4U will prompt you to start USMM measurement automatically.


Pic. 02. SAM4U – SAP Backend Data Extractor

Once the ZIP file is extracted, upload it to the SAM4U tool for license adoption insights.


 Pic. 03. SAM4U – Uploading SAP Backend Data

When you upload a SAM4U file for the first time, the SAM4U Fiori application will automatically create an SAP system record, using the data from the SAM4U file header. 

SAM4U solution will transform the data you've provided into an intuitive user experience with well-organized views:


Pic. 04. SAM4U - Users Analytics Overview Page

Experience the SAM4U solution in action in the Skybuffer environment.

Next Steps:

In our next article, we'll discuss how to consolidate data from multiple systems in SAM4U to jointly analyze users’ authorizations or users’ active usage footprints across your SAP landscape.

Stay tuned for more insights and practical tips on leveraging SAM4U to optimize your SAP license management!

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