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Hi All,

Recently while working with Business Application Studio ( BAS) ,  I faced the issue while connecting to on premise system, I was not able to fetch the oData services. In this blog I am explaining the steps which I took to resolve this issue.

We have to create a fiori project in the Business Application Studio ( BAS) , which need to consume the oData service from the on premise S/4 HANA system. To achieve the connectivity between BAS and on premise , we have to first configured the cloud connector on our local system , and then in our cloud foundry we need to create the destination for our on -premise system.

Once we create the destination in the cloud foundry and test it using check connection it gives the error - Failure reason: "Could not check at the moment. Please try again later" . And If we go BAS and create the app using any template , and then try to log in S/4 system to fetch the oData , it did not fetch any oData services.

The test connection fail issue for the destination has been explained by Ivan Mirosola in the thread - SAP Cloud platform "Could not check at the moment. Please try again later"   - ABAP systems cannot be checked by the destination tool because it doesn't reply with HTTP response 200. Instead, it replies to the request with a 302 code, meaning it will do a redirect to the login page of the ABAP system. Therefore, the destination tool is simply telling you that it is unable to verify that the system is really there.

So it is does not affect our objective to fetch oData services.

To resolve the BAS issue follow the below steps:
1) Open the BAS , Go to Terminal -> New Terminal
2) Run the command  curl http://localhost:8887/reload
3) You will get the message - Destination reloaded... - in the terminal
4) Now in the BAS template selections - choose the system , and try to log in and fetch the oData , it will work.




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