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Most of the time during testing and R&D we end up creating several change cycles, request for change and change documents, which we later don't want in our landscape and we want to delete it so that it clears our space and minimizes our confusion too.

And in this case, we either "withdraw" the changes or we push the status to "completed" , which is surely not the solution. So its always better to delete those unwanted CRM documents.

Steps to delete a document:

  1. Login to your SOLMAN system where you want to delete the CRM documents.

  2. T-code SE38 and mention the program CRM_ORDER_DELETE and execute.

  3. Mention the transaction ID in the "Business Transaction Number" and the transaction type in "Business Transaction Type" (e.g. for phase cycle -> Business Transaction Type = SMIM and Business Transaction Number = 80000* in my case)

  4. Then execute and select yes in the pop-up.

  5. You have successfully deleted the CRM document.


If you want to verify, please search the document using the document ID/cycle ID/RFC id in SM_CRM before deleting and after deleting the document.



Using this standard SAP program, we can actually clean our system and save some appreciable space. It is a really helpful functionality.


This is my first blog, so please forgive me if there is any mistake.

Thank you.

Thank you for your clear instructions, I would add that you can't delete a Request for Change without having first deleted any associated Change Documents.


  1. Execute program for Change Documents

  2. Execute program for RFC

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Business Transaction Type -> should be change document type (SMMJ, SMHF, SMSG, ZMHF...), not change cycle type.

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