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Hi All,

In this blog, I am going to explain How to Create Custom SAP Launchpad Theme using UI Theme Design.


UI theme designer is used to adapt the visual appearance of applications. You can upload your company logo, change font color, change background color, and so on.


Subscribe to the SAP Launchpad Service by going to the below link

Step 1: Click on “Launchpad Service”.

Step 2: Click on the login icon in launchpad service and select “Theme Manager”.

Step 3: Click on “Launch Theme Designer” to design a custom theme.

Step 4: While opening “Launch Theme Design”, if we don’t have the authorization to publish
themes will show a warning message as below.

Step 5: We need to assign a “Publisher” role to our user profile to add custom theming in

Step 6: Click “Create a New Theme” to design your own custom theme for SAP Fiori Launchpad.

Step 7: Need to select one of the base themes to design a custom theme and select “Create

Step 8: Need to design the theme and save the theme with our own custom name then
the theme will be saved in UI Theme Designer.

Step 9: After the theme is saved it will appear in “UI Theme Launchpad” then we need to select
the theme and click on “Publish”.

Step 10: After the theme is published it will appear in “Theme Manager” then we can select the
theme and “Set as Default” and “Save”.

Result After doing Sample Custom UI Theme Design:

Tip: We can Export Custom Theme File and import it into any SAP Launchpad and use that custom Theme.

Conclusion: Hope this blog post will give a better understanding of creating a Custom Theme for SAP Launchpad using UI Theme Design.

Feel free to share your feedback or thoughts in the comments. Happy Learning.


Thanks for Reading,

Swathi Rani.
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