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The ADS is using a so called XDC file as driver for its output.
The Zebra output is using zpl203.xdc or zpl300.xdc depending on what printer is in use and Honeywell is using ipl203.xdc.

This post shows how to customize all the three files, to make the font look similar in all output cases.

The default font in Zebra printer is “CG Triumvirate_Normal_Normal”
and in Honeywell printer is "Intermec Swiss 721_Normal_Normal".

This information can be found in the XDC file under the section “Raster Substitution Font”.

Due to the default setting in the File the output printed is always in these Font types.


The Solution:

To print the desired fonts in the output, the fonts need to be rasterized. The file must be changed to the following settings.

  • Open the copied XDC file in a text editor and change the line:<xdc name="zpl300" id="zpl300" xmlns="|">


    <xdc name="zpl300_TQ" id="zpl300_TQ" xmlns="|">

Rename the file with zpl300_TQ and SAVE THE CHANGES.
It is important to make sure you are not changing the original file.

  • Now look for the following line:<rasterSubstitutionFont typeface="CG Triumvirate_Normal_Normal" unicodeRange="U+20-U+FF"/>

    change this to:

    <rasterSubstitutionFont typeface="CG Triumvirate_Normal_Normal" />

Removing UnicodeRange allows the settings to set active for rasterizing. Save the changes.

  • You can now use whichever font you like for you Adobe forms, but One more important thing must be taken into consideration.
    The font you choose in Adobe Forms should be available in the ADS.


  • If the font is not available in ADS server you need to upload the relevant “.ttf” file in the server.
    When the fonts are uploaded and available to use,  they are automatically rasterized with the above settings .

  • The last step is to Upload this modified XDC file to the printer. It could be done with the following steps.

    1. Go to SE38.

    2. Start the report: RSPO002.

    3. Here select display XDC entries and look for which line is assigned to your printer.

    4. Once the new file is uploaded. Go back to the start of the RSPO0022 and change the XDC assigned to the printer in use to the file name you gave above “zpl300_TQ.xdc”

    5. Save the Changes. The printer is ready to print with the new fonts.

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