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Background Details:

A three-step procedure for creating a Tableau Report over SAP HANA - Analytic View.  The basis for creating this Analytic view is
on the Sales and Purchase data generated in Legacy Systems and then loaded to SAP HANA IMDB.


Create an Analytic View on SAP HANA DB:

Definition: Analytic View = 1Fact Table (with Key figures) + ( 1 or more Tables/Attribute views )



  1. Open the Tableau and create new report (Ctrl+N).

  2. Click Connect to Data (Ctrl+D)



  1. Select “SAP HANA”

  2. Add new connection

  3. Establish the connection by pressing the “Connect ” button

  4. Browse the Schema (Use the filter = _SYS_BIC ),
    Select the Analytic  (Previously created )

  5. Create the required report by dragging the required measures and

Conclusion: I was able to design and develop a medium complex Tableau report over SAP HANA - Analytic View n 4 Hrs.

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