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Today we will walk through how to create Parent child hierarchy in SAP DWC.


A Parent child hierarchy is a hierarchy in a dimension that is based on two table columns . Together this  columns defines the hierarchical relationship among the members of the dimension .

The limitation of parent-child hierarchy is that each node is must have the single parent  and also a dimension containing a parent child hierarchy can not include any other hierarchies.


Steps to create the Parent-Child Hierarchy :

Step 1 : 

Go to Data Builder and select on which dataset we need to create a hierarchy.


Here I have created a dataset for showing parent child hierarchy i.e. Parent_child_Ex which  contains the columns Sales Country and Sales State.


Step 2 :

The next step is to change the semantic usage of your table(the dataset) as a dimension . In DWC it has to be set as dimension only then you can able to create the hierarchy in the  same .



In above figure  you can see the semantic usage is not yet set to dimension so that the hierarchy option is not enabled (Marked in a red circle)


Step 3 : 

We can now change the semantic type to Dimension and see the option will get enabled for us .



Step 4 :

Click on the hierarchy icon to create the hierarchy and there you will get the option for Parent_Child hierarchy as below.

Click on + sing to see the option .


Step 5 :

5.You can now define business name , technical name and also the parent and child in your parent child hierarchy. in this example the parent column is Sales Country and child  column is Sales State .

Click on close once done .


You can see the number  at hierarchy icon that we have created one Hierarchy for this  dataset as below.



Step 6 :

Save and deploy the dataset once done .


Share your thoughts and feedback in comments section below for your use cases.  You can try SAP DWC free account Here.

Happy Learning !!

Thanks & Regards,


Image credits: All images in this blog are created as screenshots while creating this use case by the author.
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