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Quick blog just to share something I think it's AWESOME and haven’t seen people using yet.

You may have used (now called to create architecture/solution diagrams, flowcharts, mockups, UML, etc. The good news is that a good soul has created a library with the SAP BTP icons! It's the first result on Google when you search for "drawio sap btp icons" (why I haven't googled it before??!).


SAP Business Technology Platform Solution Diagrams & Icons - Custom library


Using it is simple

Start a new diagram in, then click on File > Open Library from > GitHub...

Step 1


Authorize to access your GitHub account.

Step 2

Step 3


A dialog with your repos will open.

Step 4


Click on Enter Value… you can input any public GitHub repo. Enter org/repo name: rsletta/sap_btp_icons_drawio_lib

Step 5


Select the branch: main

Step 6


Navigate to the libs folder and select a file. Each file is a library with multiple icons.

Step 7


Repeat the operation for all files in libs folder. You should see the icons on the left panel.

Step 8


Use the SAP BTP icons to build your diagram.

SAP BTP Solution Diagram



If you don't want to import the library via GitHub integration, the GitHub repo describes other ways to do it. Check them out.


PS: there's this blog from 2018, Be Visual! Use Official Icons and Samples for SAP Business Technology Platform Solution Diagrams, sharing a .ppt file with icons and design guidelines for SAP BTP solution diagrams. That was great, but for whatever reason new icons haven’t been updated and the wiki page has been removed. Which is a shame for I loved that. From now on, I’ll be using with rsletta/sap_btp_icons_drawio_lib custom libraries.
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