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Hi All

In this blog we shall work on Consuming a Planning Model in a Story and creating a Plan version from Actual

This blog is in continuation of my previous blog in which we created a planning model and loaded the Master and Transaction Data using excel file. Please have a look on the previous blog before starting this one.

Link for my previous blog is below--

Let's start


Step 1 - Creating a Sales Planning Story

a - Login into SAC for Planning and create a new story


b - As we are creating a story for Sales Planning hence similar template will be selected.


Step 2 - Adding the Table ( Model) in the story

To add the previously created Planning model into our story,Click on "+" in the Table Space and click on "Select Other Model".

Select the planning model.


Step 3 - Configuring our Sales Story

In this step we shall configure the story with suitable measures ans dimensions as per our requirement.

We shall be Planning our Sales data for Product dimension.


a - Click on "Manage Filter" for Measures and select " Gross Sales" and click Ok.


b - Add "Product" in the Rows.


c - Add  Date in the columns and add "Filter by Member" for 2020.


d - Add "Product" dimension in "Page Filter"

Select Total and Click Ok.


Now the Story is configured properly


Save the Story in desired folder with suitable name.


Step 4 - Creating Plan Version

We shall create a Planning Version of the Actual Data in this step.


a - Click on "Version Management".


b - Click on "Copy" button to duplicate the Actual Values for the Plan version.


c - Provide Version name, Select the category as "Planning" and click Ok.


Plan Version is created successfully with all the data as Actual Version.


Various Planning Functionalities are available in SAC an we shall be discussing about those in future blog.



Suryansh Bajpai




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Hi Suryansh,

I don't understand why I can't see the "gross sales" and other members dropdown in my manage filter section of measures. I am attaching a screenshot here. Can you please help me?

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