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Consume Hierarchy data from BW Bridge to SAC via SAP Datasphere.


ZPLANT Hierarchy loaded to BW Bridge from S4HANA system. Business wants to combine hierarchy data from BW Bridge with data model built in SAP Datasphere and create dashboard in SAC.


ZPLANT Hierarchy in BW Bridge System:

Steps to Consume ZPLANT Hierarchy to SAP Datasphere :

  1. Import ZPLANT to SAP Datasphere from BW Bridge system: -

  • Go to Data Builder of BW Bridge Space and import Remote Tables related to ZPLANT Hierarchy:

Import ZPLANT related tables :

Hierarchy related table available in Data Builder of BW Bridge Space

Share this remote table to required space

Create a Dimension view in space dedicated for SAP Datasphere development.

Fetch parent node and child node from Hierarchy store remote table of ZPLANT.

Create Parent child hierarchy on top of Dimension view.

Output of the dimension view

Use this dimension view in analytical model.

Create a association in analytical model with dimension view created for hierarchy

Map the fields

Deploy the Analytical model.

Steps to consume Plant Hierarchy in SAC stories

Create a story on top of Analytical model.

Hierarchy symbol is available for Plant Dimension

Hierarchy available in SAC story


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