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The company uses email authentication of staff to Linked Learning using Azure. There was a requirement to use the User ID (BizX ID) to update the course completion status from linkedin Learning into company LMS. So I had built interface to integrate LinkedIn Learning with LMS , do the necessary field mappings from Linkedin EmailID to UserID and LinkedIn content ID to LMS Item ID and record the Learning history.

In this Blog I will provide the steps to connect LinkedIn REST API to SAP SuccessFactors using SAP PO 7.5.

The following activities were performed:

  1. Configure the LinkedIn Learning Reporting API (please refer link for details Reporting APIs in LinkedIn Learning - LinkedIn | Microsoft Docs).

  2. Use the API string below:'. For more details on the query parameters please refer link LinkedIn Learning API - Retrieve Learning Activity Reports - LinkedIn | Microsoft Docs

  3. Developed the PO interface to integrate LinkedIn application with SAP Success Factors. REST sender adapter has been configured to fetch data form LinkedIn REST API and developed java mapping to implement the business logic..


REST Sender Adapter configuration

REST Sender Adapter Config


4.    The API provides the output below. I need the data from the 3 columns in yellow

LinkedIn Output

5.    The following SFTPlookup mapping  were done.

Lookup for Email id was done to fetch the user and lookup for contentID was done to fetch the ItemID.

a.  Email to UserID: Used the integration center to output the email and userID fields from SuccessFactors. This mapping file is placed in PO.

b. LinkedIn Learning ContentID to LMS ItemID: Ran the ‘Open Content Network’ report in SuccessFactors Learning to fetch the data for mapping. This mapping file is placed in PO server.


SFTP Lookup

   c.   Filtered the LinkedIn Learning to use only the records that had 100% completion and calculate the Completion date using the data ‘lastEngagedAt’ field value under COMPLETIONS. The time is in milliseconds. So the above divide by 86400000 and then add to date 1/1/1970 to get the completion date.


Java Mapping

d. Developed mapping to transform the source structure to target structure in PO.

Operation mapping

Operation Mapping

6. The output for the ‘Learning History’ connector in SuccessFactors to import the data was prepared in the format below and placed in the SuccessFactors SFTP server.


Final Output


7.Receiver SFTP adapter configured to connect PO with SAP SuccessFactors to create the file.

Receiver channel

8.The learning history connectors was scheduled to import the data.

9.Please note I have used below tools.

SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio 7.3 SP25 PAT0003

SAP PO 7.5 SPS 22

SAP SuccessFactors Cloud

This blog helps you to configure the interface from LinkedIn API to SAP SuccessFactors and build SFTP lookup, create java mapping for transforming from source structure to target structure.  .


Other References


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