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Good afternoon,

I would like to develop an ETL using SAP Data Services 4.2 SP4 connecting the ADABAS mainframe.

In the product documentation mentions: Mainframe interface

The software Provides the Attunity Connector datastore que accesses mainframe data sources through Attunity Connect.

The data sources que Attunity Connect accesses are in the list following. For a complete list of sources, refer to the Attunity documentation.

● Adabas Prerequisites for an Attunity datastore

Attunity Connector accesses mainframe data using software That You must manually install on the mainframe

server and the client location (Job Server) computer. The software connects to Attunity Connector using its ODBC interface

You must perform the installation on the mainframe server? Through this connector it is possible to access? No need to buy and install the Attunity Server?

In the Attunity site mentions:

The Business Objects Data Integrator product includes direct support for the Attunity Server ODBC interface.

Someone could send me the procedures required to perform this setting in ADABAS mainframe?

Thank you


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