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Today I would like to introduce the Cloudification Repository Viewer, CRV for short. This is a tool for visualization and searching in the Cloudification Repository. But first of all, why do you even need the tool?



The Cloudification Repository are various JSON files on GitHub that represent the current status of released objects in an SAP system (ABAP Environment, S/4 HANA private & public Cloud, S/4 HANA On-Premise). If you want to use the new ABAP Cloud development model, you can only access released APIs. The repository gives you various information about existing objects, whether you can use them in ABAP Cloud or whether there is a successor. CDS views are used especially in the area of tables; here you always need information about which successor object can be used to get the relevant information.

The repository also gives you insights into the future, which objects will be available with the next releases if you are still on a low release. This means you can plan the TIER-2 objects today, which can later be easily converted into TIER-1.



Searching the repository is still relatively easy using the search function in the browser, but there is a lack of data preparation and searching by module or area. The viewer gives you the opportunity to visualize the contents of the JSON files and search for old objects and modules.


Overview of input form


You can use the simple input mask to filter to the relevant release (repository) and search for one or more objects. If you leave the search empty, all objects will be sorted and presented.


Filter with multiple values


The result is grouped by object and the various release statuses to ensure more order and clarity. The picture also clearly shows that the MARA table not only creates a subsequent object, but also that different CDS views have to be accessed depending on the context.


Result after filtering



In addition to the tool in German and English, we also provide documentation with further links to the ABAP Cloud development model and explanations about CRV.






The small application is intended to provide more overview when accessing the Cloudification Repository and at the same time increase the speed of research. The tool is free and is available to you freely and without registration.
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